Admission (2013) Review

Portia Nathan is an admissions officer at Princeton University and she has the chance of a huge promotion which might just be destroyed when John Pressman contacts her from an alternate school with an exceptional student named Jeremiah.


Portia is very career driven and has put all of her life into her job and takes it all rather seriously as she visits different schools and interviews prospective students for the prestigious University. She had a big secret in her past that hardly anyone knew about, she had a baby while she was at college herself and gave him up for adoption. John Pressman contacting her wasn’t completely random though he just happened to be the boyfriend of her roommate who used his car the night she gave birth and he truly believed that a student he had in his alternate school was that baby!

It takes a little bit of time for all of that story to come out and as Portia enters that battle for the promotion she has always dreamed of and worked so hard for, her life has pretty much fallen apart when her long term relationship with Mark comes to an end after he had been cheating on her. Dealing with that and then the possibility of meeting her son really does throw everything into utter chaos.

I actually started watching this film and wasn’t sure if I had seen it before, that was until Michael Sheen came on screen and I remembered that he had cheated on Tina Fey. Anyway you really would expect so much more from this type of comedy film that has Fey and Paul Rudd in, they are both great in so many things but unfortunately this just did not work in the best possible way which was somewhat disappointing. It really does try hard to balance the hard hitting moments of the storylines with comedy dripped in, not only the adoption from Portia giving up her baby but John having adopted a son and not realising that he wants to have a stable life instead of travelling all the time.

Don’t get me wrong though as it is more than watchable but just not all that great, so slightly below average overall which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you can enjoy it enough just nothing to truly get excited about.

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