The Last Duel (2021) Review

When Jacques Le Gris is accused of a horrendous crime by Marguerite de Carrouges her husband Sir Jean will do what it takes to protect her honour.


The Last Duel has a truly horrendous subject matter at its core and the main story revolves around this, a rape. The film is then set into three different chapters and each chapter is deemed the truth by that character of the same build up and events that led to the rape.

Sir Jean de Carrouges and his wife Marguerite have not long been married and he desperately wants a heir, when Jacques Le Gris arrives it appears he is extremely interested in Marguerite. He has issues with women though as he believes he can have whichever woman he wants and when he wants.

Throughout the chapters we start with Jean de Carrouges, the husband finding out what happened to his wife and how he is going to deal with it. The second chapter was Jacques Le Gris, who believes he is in love and therefore it could not have been rape. Then the third and final chapter is Marguerite telling her story and trauma of the rape, apparently though it was an affair as she made remarks to her friends about him being attractive? The court then sees the two men have a duel, with the chance of Marguerite being burnt alive if her husband loses.

It’s a difficult watch and even though it is based on a historical event I could not help but compare it to the #MeToo movement and the truly frightening reality that in someways things have not changed at all in terms of certain men truly believing that they can do whatever they want to women and they will enjoy it. Other moments will truly make you cringe and feel a slight relief that we know more now (that you can’t get pregnant if you don’t have pleasure being an example). That also made it feel like a rather strange watch as well, or should that be disappointing? In the sense that women still must try and prove that a man has taken advantage of them and not always believed.

Jodie Comer deserves a lot of credit for her performance which was very powerful and impressive throughout that was something that I was not really prepared for, probably because I actually had no idea what the title of the film or the film was actually about. The only thing I had heard about was the tough scene and it didn’t take long to work out what that was going to be once the film started. Harriet Walter was also very impressive and let’s just say the female character while low in numbers were impressive and strong in very different ways.

Matt Damon was pretty good, although not really all that of a likeable character. Adam Driver who was one of my favourite actors last year was very good in this role, but obviously we just truly hate him right, I feel as though that then means it was a good performance? I couldn’t quite accept Ben Affleck with blonde hair, I know this is very strange but I found it so bizarre every time he was on screen.

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