21 Bridges (2019) Review

Andre Davis is an NYPD detective and when he is put on a case chasing New York for a pair of cop killers he is not expecting to uncover a massive conspiracy that runs very deep within the NYPD.


21 Bridges, that’s the number of bridges that have river crossings within Manhattan and they must be closed to prevent the escape of the top cop killing criminals. Let’s face it New York City is a truly incredible setting for many different films and we have seen many on NYPD over the years. This was actually my second viewing of the film and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I first remembered.

Andre Davis did not have the easiest of childhoods when his father was killed in the line of duty, which then sees him follow in his footsteps with the NYPD. He ends up with quite the reputation and no one really wants to work with him, which seems a little bit strange when he was just doing his job right?

He is brought in on this hunt to find the cop killers who are now on the run, working with Frankie Burns and led by Captain McKenna. It looks as though it is a very straightforward case until of course Michael one of the killers offering some interesting information. It has plenty of twists and turns which I won’t spoil as then what would be the point in actually watching the film?

It cuts so deep with Chadwick Boseman as he really is such a joy to watch and he was very impressive in this leading role, certainly highlighting that he was going to be such a big star. Watching it after his devastating death makes you really think about the talent that we lost way too soon. Sienna Miller worked very well alongside him and this is probably one of her strongest performances. J.K. Simmons we know exactly what we are going to get from him and that is always good. Stephan James was also impressive and quite possibly a scene stealer at times!

While 21 Bridges is nothing groundbreaking it is entertaining enough and a nice ride to go on in terms of action.

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