Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) Review

When Callie’s father dies she inherits his house, moving to the small town with her two children Trevor and Phoebe. Never wanting to speak of her father due to him leaving, her own children had no idea that their grandfather was an original Ghostbuster.


Callie is very reluctant to talk about her father with Trevor and Phoebe and that man is none other than Egon Spengler, who devoted his life to capturing ghosts/spirits and getting so much into that he neglects his daughter. Too late to then make amends when he suffers a fatal heart attack, his family inherit the farm. Which worked out at a good time considering they had been evicted from their apartment.

Phoebe is very much into science and attends a summer school science class with Gary Grooberson as a teacher and it doesn’t take long before he begins dating Callie. With Phoebe’s love and knowledge of science she is intrigued by the mystery of the farm house especially when supernatural activity occurs. She makes a friend known as Podcast who is very much into different things as well, something we find she struggled to socialise with others. Trevor is infatuated with Lucky and gets a job at the diner she also works at. While this is going on he uncovers the Ecto-1 and begins fixing it up.

The balance between the nostalgic moments and bringing back the Ghostbusters or just catching ghosts like they used to was utterly perfect. I loved each and every moment that bound this film to the original Ghostbusters and thought it was brilliant to make you smile and happy, without being too much and in your face. The small hints and teases were outstanding and with Phoebe and Trevor finding the different equipment and suits it worked out utterly brilliant. I also really liked how they referred to the New York City 1984 attacks and felt it was a good way to link it all together.

The story was interesting enough and the new characters we got to know were very good and impressive. That was essential really as if it just tries to rely back on the original two films it was never really going to work out that well. Giving them their own moments and quite frankly the ending was so amazing, can’t even deny that I almost cried. Certainly filled up as it was so beautifully done. I actually reached a point where I thought the phone conversation was going to be the only appearance of those original characters. I felt it then also had such an amazing tribute to Harold Ramis. Not forgetting the very creative way to have the marshmallow man in!

While I was looking forward to this film being released, I actually think that the end product is even better than I expected. They have totally disregarded the 2016 film and pretended it didn’t exist at all, which I guess has both good and bad reasons really. Also don’t forget to watch the post credit scene!

Mckenna Grace was the standout performer in my opinion, she was just fantastic as Phoebe and really does very well with all of her scenes. A likeable character who you cannot help but feel sorry for as she struggles with many issues, especially socially and I am sure we can all relate to that. Finn Wolfhard was also very good casting working so very well with Grace. Paul Rudd as always adds to so much to a film and is always great!

Who you gonna call?

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