tick, tick…Boom! (2021) Review

Approaching his 30th birthday promising young theatre composer Jonathan Larson attempts to balance love, friendship and finishing his musical with the pressures of living in New York City.


The year is 1990 and Jon has been waiting tables in a New York City diner while writing what he hopes will be his big break in the musical world and become the next great American musical. As the build up towards the showcase of his work, the pressure is really getting to him from his girlfriend Susan who is planning on moving from NTC and his friend Michael who has given up on his dream and now wants to have financial security as the AIDS epidemic is tearing the artistic community apart. The clock is ticking, can he finish his musical in time and will it be his big break?

Larson’s biggest and most successful musical was Rent and he never actually lived to see it become a groundbreaking musical and staying on Broadway for 12 years. This film contains many links and hints towards him coming up with the ideas for Rent and I felt that made everything even more wonderful.

The musical number “Sunday” was a particular highlight to spot so many Broadway stars and legends, I felt as though that was a fantastic touch to really keep the routes of this as a musical. I often feel that is missed when a film adaptation of a show is done. Tick, tick … Boom really does offer so much in showing the pain and suffering of those within the arts and in particular the writers. Especially when Jon felt as though the workshop went very well and yet was told to then right the next and the next. Certainly highlighted the tough reality that is faced by those trying to make it. I personally found it fascinating as I always wonder how you manage to not only write lyrics or music, but manage to get them to sound so incredible together. I really do admire those that can do that to create the musicals I adore so much, while having them all part of a story.

The way in which the musical numbers are linked and part of the story works very well, that is often the side that is let down. But everything is so effortlessly welded together by Lin-Manuel Miranda who was probably the idea director for this!

Andrew Garfield was all kinds of wonderful in the leading and role and I utterly loved everything about his performance. Felt as though he pushed himself and really got to show just how much he can do, something I found particularly pleasing as I have always been a big fan of his. Robin de Jesus was breathtaking in support and really was a scene stealer, working so well with Garfield. Alexandra Shipp was impressive as well with Vanessa Hudgens doing well in her small role.

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