Father Christmas Is Back (2021) Review

When a family Christmas happens in a mansion with four sisters who argue constantly it is about to get even crazier when their father who abandoned them 27 years ago on Christmas Day shows up in an attempt to make amends.


It’s pretty much an unwritten law when it comes to the number of Christmas films that are churned out each year that they don’t have to be overly fantastic films and can be rubbish but also nice at the same time. Father Christmas Is Back attempts to be one of those and fails drastically, it’s a total mess and embarrassing throughout. However, I couldn’t stop watching, more to find out if it would actually get any worse but I certainly did find myself laughing and I am not even sure if that was the intention.

It takes every single cliche that is thrown into different films around Christmas and makes you truly hate every single one of them. First off the family having the last name of “Christmas” and then not forgetting that Caroline due to her marriage to Peter Hope is Christmas-Hope along with her two children. She does everything possible to make Christmas Day and the build up to it along with Boxing Day the best time for her mother and three sisters. The sisters hate spending time together yet go each year despite that. Joanna constantly not wanting to admit her age with her new boyfriend Felix, bed hopping Vicky and The Beatles loving Paulina.

When James Christmas returns home after all that time after living in America he has an American accent now with not much British left and a girlfriend that looks younger than all of his daughters? Just to make it even more cringeworthy. The forced nature of having to spend time with your family I guess is something everyone can relate to for at least one Christmas they have experienced over the years. Something I never understand in these films though is nativity’s taking place on Christmas Day, I mean who even does that?

The attempted plot twists of real reasons behind why James left and then a pregnancy test really does make everything feel so much worse. Trying to make everything seem a little bit more interesting and quite frankly it just left me really wondering why I even made it to the final ten minutes and then the end of the film. The characters are not likeable at all, another factor to why it just does not work at all.

Considering some of the talent within the cast it is quite disappointing at times to see them sink so low in this awful script. Not forgetting to mention the fact that Caroline Quentin is only four years older than on screen daughter Elizabeth Hurley. I quite frankly blame the fact that Kelsey Grammar is in this film for watching it and I feel that I won’t get that weird fight between him and John Cleese out of my head for a few days.

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