Eternals (2021) Review

Immortal beings who have lived on Earth for thousands of years and shaped history and the growth of civilisation known as the Eternals.


We are taken on a new journey and adventure on Earth to see the Eternals who all have very different powers and abilities, therefore working so very well together as a team. They are sent on a mission to Earth to protect it from the deviants, being told that when they are all gone they will then be able to return home to Olympia. However, when they believe all of the deviants are dead they are still on Earth for thousands of years living in the present day. Some rules they had to go by were not interfering in the human wars and stopping them, which included going up against Thanos and helping the Avengers.

We are taken back through different periods in history to see the impact of the Eternals, or maybe the lack of when they were not allowed to get involved in the war and conflict. We discover how they ended up splitting up and living all across the world, each wanting something different from the never-ending life they have been gifted with. However, everything is not as it seems for them and it has plenty of twists and turns to what is behind it all.

Everything seems rather normal for Sersi and her boyfriend Dane Whitman although with Sprite alongside her surely that is a little bit strange? The fact that none of them ever age makes an issue for living somewhere for too long and having to constantly find somewhere else to live. Although did Kingo find a very good way around that as a Bollywood film star and having his father, grandfather and great grandfather as covers? Maybe not, but it does place them all in different places.

It has grown increasingly difficult for Marvel to grow and do something a little bit different in terms of the formula for their films as we have got so used to how everything within that Universe looks. Eternals was a slow burner which wouldn’t usually be a bad thing for me, however it felt as though it was around 40 minutes too long as I found myself flagging towards the end. That is the main reason it didn’t make it to the 3 stars, one of the most interesting moments I actually didn’t know what it meant was with Dane and him trying to make a revelation.

The diversity within the characters is utterly fantastic and outstanding, the mixture across genders and races was something that should more than be applauded, it’s about time though isn’t it? It certainly has been done a lot more in the recent films and long may it continue. The characters were interesting Thena being so kick ass was a personal highlight. Although my favourite character came from Karun who was not an Eternal and a valet he added some lovely little moments. Druig was another highlight with wanting to be able to control different things. Let’s not forget Makkari who is deaf and that was an amazing addition for representation!

Performances from the cast were very good in that sense and I loved seeing Barry Keoghan involved in a Marvel film, as a lot of his early film roles have been in very hard hitting and dramatic films. I actually felt Kit Harington was rather charming and that was a bonus. Richard Madden is a bit of a wooden actor isn’t he? I thought it was just his characters in Game of Thrones and then The Bodyguard but now I am actually just thinking that’s him. Gemma Chan was the standout performer and put more in the leading role to drive everything forward within the film. Kumail Nanjiani always looks like he’s having the most fun no matter what role he is taking on and that was no different. Lia McHugh was very impressive as well!

I really went in wanting to like this film but the running time just pushed it too far and that is such a shame really. Chloe Zhao is still fantastic though as will push the boundaries and really go for it.

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