Last Night in Soho (2021) Review

Eloise is an aspiring fashion designer who moves to London for University and as she moves into a new building her room allows her to enter the 1960s and see things from the past unfold all over again. The glamour isn’t all it seems to be though as these dreams start to crack and turn very dark, meaning she cannot focus on her own reality.


Last Night in Soho opens with Eloise packing all of her belongings together ready to make a big move to London for University, something she has dreamed about her whole life. Raised by her Grandmother after her Mother’s death when she was only 7 years old, following in her footsteps of working in fashion as a designer. Her dream of studying and a new student life in London does not get off to the best of starts though when her roommate in the student halls Jocasta is a truly awful and horrible person. Not even going to lie about how from that first moment I was hoping that something would happen to her!

Not being able to cope in those student halls, in all honesty I could never have lived like that myself Ellie quickly finds a new place to live in Soho with Ms Collins as her landlady and living downstairs. Obsessed with everything from the 1960s and having her records with her Ellie listens to so much of the music from that era and on her first night in that room with the music playing she is transported back to the that time in Soho. The fashion, the music, the men and a mysterious woman named Sandie. She becomes extremely obsessed with this woman, to begin with enjoying the experience of London in that time.

Using these dreams/visions to create her fashion items in class certainly looked amazing and getting lost in her music. With John a fellow classmate showing interest in her and he genuinely is a very nice guy. Jack in her dreams appears to start as a very nice man but that quickly changes as we witness the issues women faced who wanted to perform on stage.

This is one of those films where the trailer set it all up very nicely for you to be intrigued about the story and it quite frankly doesn’t give anything away at all. The many ways it looks like the twist is going in is something that I loved about it. I had so many different theories throughout the film and while I did (eventually) guess one part of the twist I was very impressed with how it made me attempt to come up with all different theories around it. Some ended up being very far away from what it ended up being.

The style of the film was so sleek that it really was a joy to watch from the very first moment to the very last, with the vivid colours creating an incredible atmosphere, mixed ever so nicely with the music and many haunting versions of “Downtown”, I also thought having Cilla Black in it was a great touch, as let’s face it she was very much a national treasure.

Performances were top level and having both Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy in the same film was such a stroke of genius considering just how well their careers have started off and quite frankly are two of the brightest young actresses working right now. I have enjoyed everything they have both done so far and I think this pushes them to another level. The innocence McKenzie brings to her role and then the confidence from Taylor-Joy really compliments one another in the best possible manner. Matt Smith begins in such a charming manner and then quickly descends to a rather hateful figure. Diana Rigg was a little bit of a scene stealer in her supporting role as well which was another joy to watch.

I can fully see this film being a massive love or hate it without much really in-between and that is another reason I think I loved it this much as it will not be for everyone. I personally was fully taken on this magical ride and cannot wait to watch it all over again. Easily one of the best films I have watched in 2021.

3 thoughts on “Last Night in Soho (2021) Review

  1. Wow.. 5*’s. I think (like me) you give these out very sparingly!

    I’ve “liked” your review without reading it! Since I don’t want any spoilers! (Not that you would). I have had high expectations for this all year after the trailer (that “Thunderball” reveal!) And I absolutely love Thomasin McKenzie in everything she’s done (she was the best think in the disappointing “Old”). Been on holiday for the last week, but this is the must see for my cinema return!

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    • I really hope you enjoy it when you go to see it! It isn’t often that I give out 5 stars but this really did blow my mind at times and that fully deserves 5 stars!


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