Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021) Review

Barney is an awkward middle-schooler who wants nothing more than to fit in and have friends. In a social media world and the land of bots, he ends up with Ron who malfunctions and doesn’t work like he is supposed to. On this journey they show how you can always learn and everything about true friendship will be revealed.


The best thing about Ron’s Gone Wrong has to be how it can easily be related to people of all ages and not only children who are still currently in school and attempting to be themselves but also accepted. It highlights that you will have some very tough times and often try and hide certain aspects about yourself to fit in. Barney realises that does not actually need to be the case and that as long as your true to yourself you will actually be happier overall.

I couldn’t help but want my own bot though I mean come on they are so much cooler than our smartphones! I am sure everyone will agree about that, but they do highlight the reliance we now have not only on social media but sharing each and every aspect of our lives. I particularly liked the sharing of food photos, I mean I still often do that myself so can see the funny side in it! Being online is a very important part of daily life now and it does make everyone wonder how we actually managed before all of this. Ron helps to show the issues around parts of this and will certainly make you smile and laugh.

When I saw this film at the cinema I took a just turned 7 year old and a 10 year old and they both enjoyed it. The 7 year old was giggling a few times at different parts (yes the poo part) and I think that is one of the best things to experience this type of film with children as they will pick up on different parts. Don’t worry though as it has a few adult humour jokes thrown in as well which was unexpected and quite frankly worked out very well.

We have had quite a lot of films in recent years that highlight our obsession with social media and online life. This is another very good addition fitting into our everyday life and showing that we are still so much more than our profiles claim. The heart of this story is that you should always appreciate what your parents and grandparents do for you and that they might not realise that you actually want to fit in, although they will always be there.

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