Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Review

As Eddie Brock attempts to get his career going again he interviews serial killer Cletus Kasady and the meeting before he has been given the death penalty goes terribly wrong when he becomes a host to Carnage due to Venom being inside Brock.


We are shown a little bit of background for Cletus Kasady and his one true love Frances Barrison aka Shriek meeting as children and then being torn apart for the wicked things they have done and are capable of, this obviously builds into our bigger story and this is shown before the opening credits.

Then we are reacquainted with Eddie Brock who has learned how to live with Venom and they come across as very much a comedy act and duo, which quite frankly is probably the best thing about the film. With Venom’s help Brock manages to get his career going again much to the dismay of Detective Mulligan who just feels he is out for himself and not actually willing to help with anything. Still struggling from his break up with Anne and coming to terms with her relationship with Dr Dan.

I quite enjoyed the first Venom film as part of the Marvel Universe it pushed the boundaries in different ways when it came to the violence side which was a positive. I was therefore looking forward to Let There Be Carnage but it fell very short in my opinion and the story just lacked any real punch. The best thing about the whole film was the post credit scene which was a nice little surprise and bonus which links some aspects together very nicely which is a huge positive.

Over the years I have become less of a Tom Hardy fan as he has mumbled his way through many different roles but in this he does a very good job. It just works so well in the way he has both characters playing off against each other and it really does bring out the best of him. I love Woody Harrelson and felt he wasn’t given the greatest of characters with this one, had so much more potential. Michelle Williams doesn’t have the biggest amount of screen time but effective when she does appear. Naomie Harris becomes unrecognisable at times and I felt as though her performance was probably my favourite from the cast.

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