Chaos Walking (2021) Review

In a dystopian future 2258 planet New World might not always be as simple as it seems when a crashed ship with a woman onboard creates chaos for the only men left in the population.


A dystopian New World which is all men and they have a new condition which is called the Noise, this causes them all to be able to hear one another’s thoughts which obviously creates many different issues because basically you therefore cannot actually lie to anyone. It is possible to try and train yourself so people cannot hear your noise but it certainly is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Todd Hewitt lives in Prentisstown, one day he spots a crashed ship and trying to investigate his thoughts alert many of the other men. When investigating the crash he spots a girl, he has never actually seen one before and we quickly learn that the men cannot hear her thoughts as she does not have a noise. Her name

I was a little bit surprised at how you can have Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley leading a film together and go so terribly wrong, both very popular due to the roles they have within the Marvel universe and Star Wars respectively. It should have been great to see them on screen together but given the way the script and story progresses it more leaves a viewer wishing it was all over a lot quicker.

The idea behind the noise was certainly good enough but everything about the execution of that and the film as a whole left me wondering how I even got to the end in all honesty, it was just one bad moment after the other and I therefore won’t be recommending this film. I was pleased that I one didn’t waste my time seeing it at the cinema and two then pay any more to watch it after that, although maybe a waste of a choice on Amazon Prime Video that’s for sure.

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