Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story (2021) Review

Daniel Craig reflects on his fifteen year time period as James Bond, which covers across the different films and the announcement of him becoming 007.


*Original Title* – Being James Bond

I really do urge everyone who is not only a fan of James Bond but who has seen the five from Daniel Craig, especially to those who have done nothing but criticise and given him abuse. That’s right the abuse he has received over the years from that initial announcement that he would be the new James Bond and the whole “Blonde Bond” angle from the press sounds even more ridiculous now than it did at the time!

He gives his very own insight into everything and opens up about the struggles he had with the fame that came along with being James Bond. Nothing could have prepared him for that, he had acted across theatre, television and had been in quite a lot of films before taking on the role and the debut Bond film of Casino Royale. It actually felt sad to hear him talk about seeing a lot of the abuse and wonder if it was really worth taking the role on, the producers who were also in the chat happening in the documentary knew he was the right man for the role.

Seeing behind the scenes footage of the different films was great and showed how much fun he was having and how much he got himself in even better physical shape to be able to do as many stunts as he possibly could. Hearing about his bad injury throughout Quantum of Solace but not wanting to delay the shoot, as well as the writers strike having an impact on that film.

The best thing was how passionate he really is towards the films that he has made and quite frankly I hope he feels proud of everything that has been put into them. The clip of the final moments of filming No Time To Die and how choked up and upset he got was something that I really thought was incredible to witness the emotion made me love him even more!

Casino Royale not only made me a massive Daniel Craig fan but it also got me more into James Bond, it was the first 007 film I got to watch on the big screen and before that I had only seen a couple of Sean Connery’s. I eventually did a Bondathon and caught up with all of the films. He probably deserves more credit for the way he approached the job of the legendary character and I am now quite sad that it has come to an end. Please find this documentary to watch, its only 46 minutes long and more than worth it!

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