Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (2021) Review

Jamie New is about to turn 16 years old and wants nothing more than to be a Drag Queen and attend his school prom in a dress! Based on the musical stage show of the same name as well as the very true story of Jamie Campbell.


I was lucky enough to see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie very early in its West End run, after the transfer from Sheffield, it has had a very quick turnaround to become a film (although with the delay in release it doesn’t really feel that way) and I am more than happy to report that it is a fantastic adaptation from stage to screen.

Jamie New dreams of being himself and that includes the drag queen that’s waiting to come out. Meeting Hugo Batttersby as he searches for the dress and is taken under his wing and prepped for his first show. Still being at school though and in year 11 this was always going to create some issues and problems. Especially when the teachers find out he plans on attending prom in a dress, complaints came in and he would be banned from attending. His life has been far from perfect and the relationship or lack of from his father who cannot accept his son is rather heartbreaking, luckily his mother Margaret and her friend Ray are a great support network along with his best friend Pritti Pasha.

The humour is very well placed and everything about the way the school children act is spot on and something that certainly adds to the story. The songs are very well placed and flow naturally within the story that is happening around them. Sometimes that is a difficult aspect of a musical and this one really does work so effortlessly. While it does have some good songs, it doesn’t have any that are massive standouts which you will be singing for days, but it really is more about the journey of Jamie and those around him.

I had to admit I was disappointed that the film was denied the cinema release it so rightly deserved with the many changes of release and was picked up by Amazon Prime in the UK, it did make for lovely home viewing that’s for sure.

Max Harwood was brilliant in the leading role as Jamie and was a joy to watch throughout, with Lauren Patel, Sarah Lancashire and Sobna Gulati all being fantastic support to Harwood. Richard E. Grant was a total scene stealer and I was more than looking forward to his turn as Hugo. Seeing John McCrea given a small role was amazing, as he was the original Jamie New and I was lucky enough to see him on stage thought it was a lovely touch.

I feel as though this film will probably have missed some audiences being on Amazon Prime Video, so let’s hope that more and more people will continue to watch it as it is more than worth it, if you aren’t the biggest musicals fan you could still more than find this enjoyable.

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