Long Story Short (2021) Review

When Teddy gets married he sees this as the best day of his life with his new wife Leanne and really looking forward to the years together, but one thing becomes an issue every day he then jumps forward a year.


Long Story Short attempts to take the time travelling aspect of films to a slightly different place while keeping it in a romantic comedy setting. Not stuck in the same day like Groundhog Day but jumping forward a year on that same day, the day of his wedding and therefore his anniversary with the time jump he then cannot actually remember what has happened in that previous year.

The biggest issue I found with this film was that Teddy was not likeable at all and neither was Leanne so I wasn’t really too bothered about the outcome or the reasons behind the strange time hop jump after seeing that mysterious woman at the graveyard. I guess it highlighted the faults of both characters and how they needed to work things out together rather than turn against one another.

It also highlighted just how quickly things can change in a year and that you might just take someone for granted. I felt as though the subplot with his best friend was actually more interesting than the love story that we were supposed to be following and rooting for, that friendship and cancer was pretty heartbreaking in all honesty.

This is a pretty small Australian film though which I imagine has not had too many viewers, I caught it on Sky Cinema in the UK.

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