Is James Bond the saviour of UK Cinemas?

No Time To Die was originally meant to be released in April 2020 and was the first big film to announce it was pushing back to November 2020 but as things went on and we had the cinemas closed for months and then an attempt at reopening in the July 2020 didn’t fully go to plan for all chains with Cineworld quickly closing once again and rumours surrounding if they would ever actually be able to reopen.

Odeon made a longer attempt to stay open but considering no new releases and people being somewhat scared to actually attend the cinema they had to close again as well, it was actually very sad times wondering if Cinema would survive the pandemic. With some companies releasing films straight to streaming services and charging cinema prices to rent and watch at home it was a worrying time for those of us who love nothing more than attending the cinema.

As we have moved forward with the film then not even having a release date (along with so many more) we got to the 28th September 2021 and eventually No Time To Die is released in cinemas, 19th May 2021 was the date that Cineworld reopened and in all honesty the screenings I was attending on an evening were mainly pretty empty. At that time you had to leave a two seat gap either side of the seats that were already booked, I mean that was absolutely my all time dream of sitting in the cinema. For years now I have booked last minute to ensure I am not sitting too close to others, nothing about any pandemic or anything I just like focusing on the film and avoiding possible distractions and irritating people.

The local Cineworld I attend weekly has never really got all that busy for many years now and that is just the change of the times right? I remember early 2010s when Friday night new releases used to be absolutely packed, that has not really been the case anymore and even with Marvel films it wasn’t totally packed or nearly sold out.

The last time I was in a packed and sold out screening was May 2019 for the midnight screening for Avengers: Endgame, it was unreal to see the foyer full and that they opened it up to so many screens at midnight of all times. I imagine it was mainly because people wanted to avoid spoilers but it was certainly a very special night and screening. However, when heading to Odeon on Saturday for the IMAX version of No Time to Die at a 1:20pm screening it was totally packed and must have only had a few seats left.

After attending the cinema myself and seeing posts on social media it seemed as though Bond has very much brought audiences back to the cinema, isn’t that the most fantastic and amazing news! A year ago it was looking like many chains would not reopen and it would all be such a struggle and now we have people coming back. The power of James Bond is still pretty incredible in all honesty and the fact that the audience at the screening I attended had people easily aged from 8 to 80s (and maybe even older).

While it has been extremely frustrating surrounding the constant delays of what is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final Bond film, maybe just maybe this timing of release has been perfect?

Perfect to get people back in the cinemas with such an incredible box office taking? (Time will very much tell for that but the opening weekend sounds more than promising). It feels as though in the UK we are very proud of James Bond and how the series has still continued and adapted across the decades and transformed to how films and cinema has changed in that time. Character development in different directions but the main thing? Audiences still very much have a soft spot and love the character (so please get lost with the female Bond rubbish) and I am sure everyone will be very interested to see who the next James Bond could be?

It is very much a film that you should enjoy on the big screen as some of the action scenes really were utterly breathtaking and fantastic. Long live James Bond!

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