No Time To Die (2021) Review

James Bond had left active service and somewhat retired, but was that ever really going to fully happen? He certainly hoped so, but when Felix Leiter his old friend from the CIA turns up asking for his help it isn’t long before he is dragged back into everything to figure out the dangerous villain who has developed some fatal new technology.


The opening scene of the film shows a young Madeleine and more around her backstory, something that she has managed to keep hidden from Bond and it all sets up the events for the film in a very nice manner, although it does create some questions around age/time frame but we can forgive that.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the first car chase scene and it was very epic which was certainly a bonus, this all happens within the first half hour before we get the title credits and song. Which was all very fitting in a somewhat celebration for Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film.

The plot has some rather complex twists and turns which would be massive spoilers, so all I can really get into around some of that is that it is just done in the best possible way and all makes for a very good ending. We get a lot of emotional scenes in with it all as well, showing some truly fantastic character development across the whole series.

Like anything with spies we get some double crossing going on which is just one of those things that always happens right? The actual main plot point of the fatal technology which is like a virus and can be linked to DNA is actually quite a heavy subject area, especially given the global pandemic that we have been in for almost two years now so it actually feels rather relevant in that sense.

Daniel Craig really has made the role of James Bond his own over the five films that he has starred in, personally Casino Royale and Skyfall were my favourites and I feel No Time To Die was the least he deserved after Spectre being a little messy. It all built up to be the perfect bow out from the role and we have plenty of great action sequences, two Aston Martin’s along with other modes of transport as well.

Ana de Armas does not have the biggest role but she certainly is kick ass in her scenes. Lea Seydoux is given more to work with in this film. Ben Whishaw is easily everyone’s favourite as Q right? He just brings so much joy to the scenes he is involved in, with Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris both continuing the character development from previous films. Jeffrey Wright is another favourite of mine, mainly because he is just so brilliant on screen. I feel I do have to mention Rami Malek, as I just do not rate him as an actor and felt his villain was very weak and if this aspect had been better I probably would have gone for five stars.

So many amazing moments that I cannot mention to keep it all spoiler free but I do need to make it clear just how good No Time To Die is, the Bond film Daniel Craig deserved to end with.

4 thoughts on “No Time To Die (2021) Review

  1. Nice review. I gave it 5* based on how it made me feel (with that finale)…. But with post analysis, I fully agree with your comments about the under-developed villain (though I thought Malek was great in his final scene with Craig).

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    • I really wanted it to be 5 stars, as some moments were truly fantastic but then I had to compare to other Bond film ratings I have given out. Yeah I guess his final scene was decent, I think I just don’t really enjoy him in anything as he always seems miscast (I did watch the first season of Mr. Robot which worked so very well for him).


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