He’s All That (2021) Review

Padgett Sawyer is an influencer on social media and when she goes viral for a horrendous video, to save her image she makes a bet with a friend that she can give a makeover to anyone in the school and make him extremely popular.


Cameron Kweller is her target and she very quickly manages to get him on side despite the fact that he does not use social media and has never been interested in the popular clicks within High School. His sister Brin is very happy about his new found popularity but how will everything work out when he finds out that he was just a bet she was trying to win?

He’s All That is a gender swap remake for 1999s film She’s All That and maybe this helps to highlight why films shouldn’t be remade with similar storylines? Possibly, I actually think I went to see She’s All That at the cinema! Just giving away my age with that and probably why I am no longer in the target audience for this film. One thing it did make me feel very sad about was that fake world that teenagers now live in, having everything surround the social media image to be popular.

Padgett was not everything she appeared to be and had lied about where she lived and was using the social media and making money from it to fund her college as her Mother was a nurse and they did not have a lot. Despite throwing that into the story it does not make you feel sorry for her at all. Cameron had a sad background as well with the death of his mother something he is struggling with as they live and have been raised by their grandmother.

Obviously when you have Tanner Buchanan in a film you have to have him do some karate or people wouldn’t remember that he’s from Cobra Kai would they? I just thought that part was extremely strange, as fair enough they had a fight but going full on karate kid wasn’t really needed was it? Although that brings me to an even bigger point that in general this film really wasn’t needed at all.

If being an influencer on social media is what teenagers aspire to be now it really is a sorry state of the world that we live in, even though the film tries to make the point that its all fake and filters used etc it still doesn’t manage to show that you have so much better choices than living each and every second of your life through videos and photos.

The funniest thing is I don’t even remember She’s All That even being that good? Other than the fact at that time everyone totally loved Freddie Prinze Jr as he really did take over 90s teen films. Although the reality that times have well and truly changed don’t really make for very interesting films when we are constantly reading messages though phones on the screen, although is that now real life?

2 thoughts on “He’s All That (2021) Review

  1. I have no interest in this. I never liked She’s All That when it came out just as I was finishing up high school as it represented everything I hated about high school film. I heard this is even worse as it involves a Kartrashian, kids throwing horse shit at each other (and I’ve seen Salo in its entirety), and a joke referencing the letters “K” as I was like… oh that is wrong. Influencers and Tik-tokers are among the lowest forms of humanity though lower is being a Kartrashian.


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