Sweet Girl (2021) Review

Ray Cooper is devastated over his wife’s death and vows to bring justice on the system and therefore the people who are responsible. While pursuing this he must also protect his daughter Rachel.


The premise around Sweet Girl is certainly interesting enough when the US has such a strange health care set up and the drugs companies rule and run everything, with it all being money based it really does raise some good points but the execution and the way the film goes through it all is terrible.

The thing is though the first ten/fifteen minutes I thought it looked like it was going to be a decent action and thriller rolled into one. With the train scene being a particular highlight and that moment really showing that it was not going to be easy at all for Ray, especially when he threatened to kill the man in charge of the company. Especially as Amanda had a rare form of cancer and that is something we can all relate to as at some point we have family or friends who have cancer.

BioPrime CEO Simon Keeley was the man that Ray accused of allowing his wife to die when they could not use the experimental drug in a last attempt to save her. Following his threat on live television if anything happened to Keeley it was obvious that Ray would be looked at.

I thought it was firmly below average and at times ok, until the final twist at the end and it pushed me into the terrible rating and hence the one star. It was such a shame really as it could have been so much more than it ended up being. I guess this is the rollercoaster of Netflix films!

Obviously I am a big Jason Momoa fan and have followed his different roles across his career and with this it feels as though he is starting to get very typecast in the same type of kick ass, vengeance role. I know that is not always a bad thing but in this film it just does not work out in a very good way, especially with that damn awful twist at the end.

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