Reminiscence (2021) Review

Nick Bannister is a private investigator who uses people’s memories to piece things together. When he meets Mae though he would become consumed by his own past and the memories he created with her, using them to try and find out where she disappeared to, slipping into a world he didn’t even know existed.


Reminiscence had some rather impressive ideas and some interesting characters, but unfortunately it couldn’t really decide what type of film it was going to be and mashes together so many different genres and goes rather brutal with the fight and death scenes something that did not seem likely from the opening scenes. At times it gave me a Blade Runner type feel which was I guess rather interesting.

In a somewhat future world that is partly under more water and talk of wars in which Bannister had served in alongside his now colleague Emily “Watts” Sanders who really does look after and care about him which was pretty reassuring and nice. I actually thought Watts was the more interesting of the characters and had much more of a backstory so was disappointed when she dropped out of the story for quite a while.

Mae was a very strange figure the way she appeared one day and then we get the story between her and Bannister through the memories in the chamber, as he is obsessed with finding the woman he had fallen in love with. The problem is when you find out memories people have been involved in you might not actually see things that you wanted to and knowing parts of that person that they would have loved to have kept hidden.

It offers a few twists and turns along the way, even if they are rather predictable and easy to work out. I will give the film some credit for really trying to be different and challenging different areas it just doesn’t mould together in the right way and felt a little bit endless at times.

Another slightly different role for Hugh Jackman who is not afraid to be different characters in different styles of film. Although having Rebecca Ferguson sing for him again made me wonder if this was some super strange crossover with The Greatest Showman. Obviously its not but when we first saw her perform I couldn’t get that out of my head. The scene stealer though was firmly Thandiwe Newton who was just fantastic and one of the stars I’ve given this film is firmly for her, the other star is that it tried really hard to be different and push the boundaries at times. I must also mention some of the utterly awful cheesy lines that had me laughing out loud near the start, and I am sure that was not intentional.

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