Clickbait (TV – Limited Series) Review

Nick Brewer is a loving family man who seems to have it all in a somewhat perfect looking life, however when he is abducted and a video appears online with him holding a sign that says he abuses women, and that when it reaches 5 million views he will die! This is about to shake his family and friends to the core.


Number of episodes – 8


Just as a second warning that this review might contain spoilers as given the nature of the show it will be very difficult to discuss certain points without it being a slight and small spoiler to how the show progresses and looks from episode one to episode eight. I won’t be revealing all details and everything behind different scenes but I do want to talk about the issues the show raises which could be seen as a spoiler.

I really loved the format that each episode was based around a different character and picked up where the previous one had finished, but showing how they all interacted and influenced different events.

1 – The Sister
2 – The Detective
3 – The Wife
4 – The Mistress
5 – The Reporter
6 – The Brother
7 – The Son
8 – The Answer

This made it very easy to binge watch it, which I did over two days, you wanted to see what happened next and if your theory was right. I think I had about ten different theories throughout and that is part of the brilliance of the writing and the way the drama unfolds you believe everything you first see/hear and don’t really think about the bigger picture. That leads me nicely into what the whole series was about, encouraging people to think very carefully about what they actually know about people they talk to online. If you have never met in real life or video called can you trust a phone call with voice changing technology easily available and can you even trust that someone is showing you photos of how they really look?

That being said means that Clickbait really does offer such an important lesson for people of all ages, you never know when you could get catfished or lied to and think someone is being a friend when they actually are far from that. Remembering that people might be lonely and need that interaction but it can be extremely dangerous at times, that being said you can also meet amazing and genuine people on line and via apps but this will make you really think about what could be the truth and what might be a small lie or then a massive lie where nothing is as it seems.

Our opinion on Nick Brewer constantly changes as we are thrown into such doubt over the kind of man he actually was. His sister Pia really not wanting to believe anything about her brother and the fact that his wife Sophie does not appear to be so shaken up as revelations begin to unfold is rather suspicious. Detective Roshan Amiri sees the case as his chance to finally get into homicide and just to throw in a curveball he just happens to have matched on a dating app with Pia the night before the video was released. We then have Ethan and Kai Brewer who each deal with the death of their father in different ways. We see Ethan constantly messaging someone and that throws in a nice little twist as well. Matt Aldin who worked with Nick was always shown as another suspicious character but again maybe not in the way we first thought. Ben Park the journalist who doesn’t seem to understand that while he chases a story and promotion he forgets that real people and their lives are on the line and he has a bad influence on that.

Each episode drops bombshells that aren’t instantly resolved and that is another factor that makes the series so watchable. Impressive performances from the cast especially with Zoe Kazan in a leading role alongside Betty Gabriel as two very strong (and different) female characters was very reassuring. Phoenix Raei was impressive as well, with Camaron Engels and Jaylin Fletcher offering some very good support.

Clickbait might just make you think twice not only about who you talk to online but also how you few videos and social media posts. Things aren’t always as they seem and this should certainly highlight that and offers some very interesting insights into how it impacts so many people in so many different ways.

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