The Suicide Squad (2021) Review

When a second batch of Supervillians are put together and send on a tough mission, this time dropped on a remote island of Corto Maltese. Named Task Force X and lead by Bloodsport and Peacemaker with Harley Quinn also thrown into the mix.


To be brutally honest I cannot really remember very much about the first Suicide Squad film and I am unsure whether that was a good or a bad thing when heading into this new instalment. Amanda Waller is back and putting together more groups of expendables who she feels like she controls with being able to terminate them if they deviate from the mission.

The opening scene shows a group heading to the island and very quickly everything goes very wrong and then we are introduced to a second group. Seeing them picked from the prison and put together for this seemingly impossible mission. Everything about the team is dumb and unlikeable which I guess is the point with villains? Harley Quinn continues to be indestructible and was probably one of the only things I actually enjoyed about the film.

Project Starfish is what they must target with its deranged leader Gaius Grieves aka The Thinker which brought a very cringeworthy performance from Peter Capaldi. Throwing in a giant Shark like man to go along with the huge starfish and small starfish that would latch onto humans was all just a little bit too much for me. I mean that in a way that I just did not enjoy anything about the story. Even for a comic book based film I just thought it was too much and went way over the top to try and capture humour into it all which just felt very forced.

I managed to not really look at anything prior to watching the film and afterwards was very shocked to see the high ratings it has received in reviews and left wondering what I missed when watching the film. That is probably one of the reasons it has taken so long to eventually attempt to put a review together as I knew I wouldn’t really be very positive about it.

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