The Golden Girls

I have always totally loved The Golden Girls and found myself over the years watching it whenever it was on TV. This was on quite a few different channels in the UK and I even bought seasons 1-4 on DVD when they were released. The only issue was they never have released seasons 5-7 on DVD and last year when it was on Channel 5 they only went up to season 4 as well. During trips and living in the US I would always manage to find it on some channels and different episodes.

I have had all four Golden Girls as POP figures for many years now, some of the early additions to my collection. About a month ago now all seven glorious seasons have been added to Disney+ thank you Star content! So obviously being such a big fan it was only right that I would start from season 1, episode 1 and as I have gone through the seasons remembered truly just how fantastic and funny the four characters are but this time I have noticed something else. The show was rather groundbreaking with some of the topics and it certainly did not scare away from talking about some hard hitting issues that were happening around the time and in all honesty its still great to watch today.

Don’t get me wrong though I know some parts have not dated very well, in terms of the jokes around celebrities were certainly from that time period and go over my head. The friendship and love created and points it has around those are truly timeless though and despite them being truly awful and horrible to one another at times they did not fully mean it.

As I approach the end of watching all seven seasons I decided to start off with this blog post as I am going to have some much needed Golden Girls content on Let’s Go To The Movies as I was actually rather saddened that even though I adore this show, the storylines and characters I just have not gushed about it all enough and quite frankly I want my love for it to be fully known!

I will be getting more into those tough and interesting topics that they did not shy away from and must have been a little bit controversial given that the show ran from 1985-1992. I mean I was only born myself two years into the show running. I am also going to put together some of the best quotes around different issues and quite frankly some that are just hilarious, as well as character studies on the four main women. I truly feel it deserves so much credit and still is one of my go to comedies that I can just watch over and over again.

Thank you for being a friend, somewhat of a tribute to Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty and Betty White.

4 thoughts on “The Golden Girls

  1. One of my all time favorite shows. I own the DVDs and would watch episodes every night when I went to bed. While yes, a lot of the stuff is dated, I was impressed by the issues they *did* tackle on this show. Sometimes I feel like it was ahead of its time. I adore this show so much.

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    • Oh totally, I’ve noticed it so much more this time around that they really did get into so many different things!

      Just a few of the jokes about people are dated for me, as I just don’t know who they are 😂 everything else is timeless.


      • One of my favorite scenes ever is when Dorothy tells off a priest thinking he’s there to hit on her… when she realizes she’s wrong,… “I’ll say Hail Marys until Madonna has a hit movie.” It never fails to make me laugh.

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