Free Guy (2021) Review

Guy is a bank teller in Free City and thinks his life is just fantastic, picking up his morning coffee and walking to work with his friend Buddy and telling everyone to not have a good day but a great day. He dreams of a girl and one day he spots her . . .


In all honesty I did not know much at all about Free Guy before going to see it and I think that made the experience even better in all honesty. Guy thought his life was fantastic and he talks with Buddy about finding his dream girl but they are not allowed to talk to the “sunglasses people” as they just aren’t the same as them. Everything changes one day when he decides things are going to change and he takes the sunglasses from someone.

This then starts a series of events that will change everything within Free City and the real world, that’s right Free City is actually a game and Guy the Bank Teller was a NPC (none playable character) within the game. Meeting Molotov Girl was the main event that happened forcing him to make the changes, he was drawn to her and had to anything and everything possible to talk to her.

Finding the sunglasses and putting them on opened a new world for him and he collected money and the guns from the players. He did not want to hurt anyone though so completely started to change the game and the outside world become obsessed with “Blue Shirt Guy” because his skin was like that of the bank teller and he was just so different.

Outside of the game Molotov Girl is actually Millie who believes that a game she created with Keys is locked inside of Free City and she is determined to find proof that Antoine stole the code they had made and destroyed the world they had created and wanted to launch. Antoine is driven by greed and money, not really caring about the game or the players, getting ready to launch Free City 2 but with fully new players and deleting the first game when that one is launched. He does not listen to any of the people working for him and is quite frankly a horrible character (although hilarious at times).

We get to follow both worlds and appreciate that Millie and Keys really did manage to create something very special as Guy shows that he could well be the first artificial intelligence due to the way he started thinking and doing things for himself really growing from the code that created him, making choices and changing everything in his world.

Free Guy is such an enjoyable film, so much fun from start to finish and I think everyone will be able to find moments where they can relate to it. Even if you are not a big gamer you would have played a few different style games over the year and you cannot help but link certain things in Free City to games you have played before. It made me personally think about Grand Theft Auto, The Sims and Animal Crossing. The latter certainly feeling like the island experience that Millie had created for their game. I am sure it will bring up more for different people and that is certainly part of the brilliance around it.

Ryan Reynolds was truly the perfect choice to play Guy and he brings so much charisma and innocence to the role at the best times. I mean come on he is a joy to watch in every single film he has been in and that continues. He also gives us a little warning at the start of the film not to spoil any of the cameos, so obviously I am not going to do that but I will say they are truly outstanding! (Also not spoilt on IMDb yet). Jodie Comer was given two characters to take on really both in and out of the game and she is extremely engaging and great to watch. The same goes for Joe Keery who is getting some interesting roles so far. Lil Rel Howery was a stand out as well as Utkarsh Ambudkar having some good moments. I actually forgot that Taika Waititi was in the film (terrible I know) until his great entrance! He is given some truly crazy lines and the perfect choice to do just that.

Please watch Free Guy it is probably the most fun you will have watching a film in 2021, and it also has quite a heart and some lovely messages as well.

4 thoughts on “Free Guy (2021) Review

  1. Re “He also gives us a little warning at the start of the film not to spoil any of the cameos”, you saw this at Cineworld, check? We never had that little video clip… curious.

    BTW, if I can provide a little critique of the critic, you comment that it’s great to go into the movie without any idea of what it’s about, but then your plot summary is pretty extensive. I tend to like to provide a very high-level overview in my reviews to avoid “spoilerish” comments. Just a suggestion. My review here: and just about to put my blue shirt on for my Tiktok review! (@onemannsmovies)


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