Superintelligence (2020) Review

An all powerful Superintelligence plans on destroying humanity it picks the very average Carol Peters to study and learn from, she must then convince it that people are worth saving. Taking on the voice of James Corden as his voice soothes her.


Superintelligence was a film that I actually thought looked quite decent by the trailer as we are all more than aware by now that Melissa McCarthy’s comedy films are a little bit of a rollercoaster ride in terms of some are very good and funny then others just are not at all. I guess this one falls firmly in the middle as it actually has quite a heart with it and mixes well with some of the comedic moments we are then also used to in the collaborations with her husband Ben Falcone.

Everything about Carol’s life is what she sees as normal with nothing exciting really happening, when her devices start talking back to her this includes her TV, phone, microwave and then car she just thinks someone is playing an elaborate prank on her. She pines over an ex-boyfriend named George and has never had the confidence to do something about it, with the Superintelligence on her side anything is possible. Especially when she then has unlimited money, staff and a lovely nice new place to live. Obviously the US government are attempting to stop this all from happening but with so many electronic devices it’s quite easy for it to take over. I guess that is where you can see a slight warning when it comes to our reliance on our many devices and at times living too much through them.

When I watched the film I wasn’t having the greatest of times and I felt as though this made me feel a little bit better about it all, it reminds you that while everything might not be going great right now it always has the potential to change and get better you might just have to ride out the storm for a little while.

This is certainly one of the better Melissa McCarthy performances and with James Corden’s voice added in the pair actually make a rather good team, I am sure in the inclusion of Corden will annoy some people as he seems to get a way over the top amount of hate for quite frankly not a lot of reason. Bobby Cannavale is an actor who should be in so many more films, I always think he’s just great in the supporting roles and we should see more of him on screen.

Comedy I find is the toughest genre and I know this film will get a lot of hate, but I think you should give it a chance. It was never going to be the greatest film of all time, but do you know what? It was fun enough with some lovely messages and moments that were actually rather heart filling and I for one was not expecting that at all.

4 thoughts on “Superintelligence (2020) Review

  1. The idea that when the End comes and our Robot Overlords announce we’re screwed, that it’ll be James Corden’s voice telling us we are Done, well that’s quite brilliant casting (I cannot stand Corden). Maybe James Cameron should consider Corden as the voice of Skynet in the next Terminator film.

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    • I actually liked the reason behind Corden’s voice and that the character liked it, hence how it changed to Octavia Spencer for another character.

      So I guess the question would be which celebrity voice would you hear?

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  2. My problem is I dislike celebrities with a passion, lol. I respect very few of them: most are raving ego-maniac extroverts who don’t pay their taxes.

    Except maybe William Shatner. Can’t go wrong with Captain Kirk.


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