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You may (or may not) remember a blog post I put together back in 2017 about West End and Day Seats (read here) when I went to London last week, eventually and to return to the theatre I had actually wondered if Covid would put a stop to this and box offices not opening early to be able to get cheaper last minute tickets direct from the theatre’s box office.

However, I did not have to worry about that. when TodayTix had a few different deals on what they list as Rush Tickets (hello Broadway words coming into the West End). Which is the same thing as day seats, all you need to do is download the app from the App Store and they go on sale at 10am which was always the time the box office opened for the same reason. These are £25 per ticket on the app and the options to buy are for 1 or 2 seats, because I go alone a majority of the time wanting only one single seat works out very nicely that is for sure. But for that price it wouldn’t really matter if you went with someone and didn’t sit together would it?

This is not the first time I have used TodayTix though back in 2017 I managed to get two tickets to see 42nd Street and then 2018 Bat out of Hell. It means that you don’t have to rush to the theatre and can easily use the app on your phone which is highly recommended. All you need to do is “unlock” the show first by sharing on social media and then bang on 10am they become available for that day, obviously if its a two show day you will have to make sure that you click on the correct time you want to go!

Considering over the past few weeks the West End has only just started to have shows open the above are the current shows that are on the app for London. This is something that can and will change as more shows will be added, all shows have tickets left for Day/Rush tickets. These are very often the very front row of the theatre as well, but not always.

I was super lucky that for last Saturday I managed to get a ticket for Anything Goes and wow that was an an incredible £25 for a ticket in a seat that would have cost £80 normally. If you are trying to fully plan your trip to London around seeing a particular show this could be quite high pressure incase you cannot get a ticket as they usually do go very quickly after 10am when they become available. If however you are quite open for which show it would certainly save you a lot of money. Now with Covid it was an E Ticket that came straight to your email, you had to fill in a health questionnaire first, whereas in the past you had to collect your ticket before going into the venue.

I actually then went to see Six on the Sunday evening (7pm) show and got that ticket around 4pm so that had no sold out, which was an added bonus to my trip. Hamilton even has a lottery on the app as well which is something that people will definitely want to get involved with. When I was in Chicago I actually tried to do this for every single day I was there, just incase! More places are now added across the US, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas & Fort Worth, New York, Philadelphia, SF Bay Area, Seattle and Washington DC. Toronto, Canada is also included as well as Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. It has grown very fast and more than worth checking if you live in any of those places or will be visiting and fancy a theatre fix.

You can also buy tickets normally as well and they do discounts, but I really don’t think you can beat the rush ticket deals!

TodayTix Website

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