Jungle Cruise (2021) Review

Dr Lily Houghton along with her brother MacGregor are on a quest to find Tears of the Moon, something that people do no believe exists, she is therefore even more determined to find it and prove all of the men wrong! Meeting Frank Wolff who is a riverboat guide could be the best and worst thing to happen to them.


This is not the first time that Disney have decided to bring a theme park ride to life in film form, after the extremely popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise we are given Jungle Cruise, which feels very similar to The Mummy, Indiana Jones and maybe even to a smaller extended Jumanji. Those are the links that I personally felt when watching this film. That is obviously not a bad thing as this style of action/adventure films are always entertaining.

Frank Wolff comes across as just a riverboat guide but he is so much more than that, the man Lily hires even though mistaken identity takes place to begin with. As it turned out he knew a lot more than he first admitted to about the Tears of the Moon which is a mythical tree with petals that can cure any illness, heal all injuries and lift any curse. The curse part is quite significant as the Houghton’s are not the only people searching for this with Joachim a German with a submarine is also trying to take the power while unlocking some cursed men to help him in the fight.

The high use of CGI created the river and all of the different animals and well “things” that they saw and passed along the way. Really bringing everything to life for the viewers, I haven’t been on the ride so have on idea what is linked from it but I have since read that the lines given to Frank are directly from the ride experience so I guess that is pretty cool? The film is enjoyable enough and I am sure it will be a rather big hit for the older kids.

I thought the film was a slightly little bit on the long side and could have been shorter to keep the engagement towards the end. The best thing about the film though was the chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, I really wasn’t fully sure what to expect from them tougher and they deliver such charm and charisma when working with and against each other with the witty one liners. A surprise package came from Jack Whitehall who added in some fantastic comedic moments which was great to watch unfold. I didn’t really like Jesse Plemons performance in all honesty and it actually took me a while to figure out what nationality he was supposed to be with his accent which was all over the place.

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