Guns Akimbo (2019) Review

When Miles gets mixed up with the wrong people he becomes part of a very messed up online sensation of people watching him as he’s hunted with two guns nailed to his hands . . .


Guns Akimbo is an utterly bonkers and ridiculous film that you cannot help but find yourself enjoying. We all need this type of film every now and then don’t we? Well, I certainly think so as it was just completely mental from start to finish. A truly awful bad guy in Riktor who is just laughable at times and not in a good way, in a very bad way but I guess that just adds to the ridiculous charm with this crazy storyline.

Although I will give it a positive boost in terms of it highlighting the obsession we all have with not only social media but watching videos of other people online. I guess it can be looked at as an updated version of The Running Man, taking current obsessions and wanting to watch people actually get hurt and maybe even die? That is what happens in this film but with smart phones people can watch all of the time.

Nix chasing Miles as they have been put up against each other but he is very reluctant to do anything and I guess she has a rather decent backstory? All thrown together to create utter mayhem and chaos, but in an entertaining way where you will actually doubt yourself for finding it watchable when it sounds totally ridiculous.

I still always feel that Daniel Radcliffe will literally do any type of crazy role in an attempt to get as far away from Harry Potter as possible, which results in this performance. I guess we can truly understand why he has done that over the years though, being a child actor and part of a massive franchise is always difficult to move away from. An added bonus was Samara Weaving being in the film as while I had heard of this before watching it, I didn’t actually know that she was in it. Her career has really catapulted her in the past couple of years and she has been in some truly off the wall films. Her performance in this is impressive and she really does have so much charisma on screen.

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