Cineworld Secret Screening 2 – Take 2!

Date: Wednesday 11th August 2021

Technically this is the 14th Secret Screening that Cineworld are going to have but they are calling it Secret Screening 2 just to make it even more confusing. As always when a Secret Screening is announced I like to put together some guesses for what the film could be.

Disclaimer: My track record for guessing is pretty poor but I still like to try and see if I can list the film that it ends up being in these posts. It’s just a little bit of fun after all!

*The running time listed on the Cineworld site is not correct its just a guide*

Up and coming Unlimited Screenings automatically ruled out:
The Nest (10th August)
Snake Eyes: G.I. JOE Origins (14th August)

Over the years of Secret Screenings we have had so many different genres as well as different age ratings which has varied from PG to 15! So it is quite a difficult thing to guess which film it could possibly be.

Free Guy (13th August)

I mean this is only released two days after the date and the preview is usually a little bit longer.

Reminiscence (18th August)

Anything with Hugh Jackman would have my attention!

Candyman (27th August)

This is one of those films where it feels like the trailer has been around for a very long time!

Here Today (3rd September)

A Billy Crystal film would be ideal for me, absolute top fan!

Respect (10th September)

This does look like it will be such an amazing film, would be a very good way to promote it.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (15th September)

Possibly a little bit too big in terms of how well received the first film was.

Gunpowder: Milkshake (17th September)

In all honesty I had not heard of this one until putting the list together!

The Many Saints of Newark (22nd September)

The Sopranos spin off film, I guess would have a rather selective audience?

No Time To Die (30th September)

The dream?

What film do you think it will be? More importantly will you be attending?

***Just a slight warning that I had a little bit of trouble booking my seat last night as with the two seat gap it kept saying that it was not available, even with two seats either side of my one seat***

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