Let Him Go (2020) Review

George Blackledge is a retired sheriff who with his wife Margaret are attempting to come to terms with the death of their son, struggling with the grief which is made even worse when their grandson Jimmy is taken away by his mother Lorna and her new horrible husband Donnie Weboy.


As the pair travel across the country to try and find them they have no idea just how dangerous the Weboy family really are, after seeing Donnie hit Lorna this really makes Margaret worry about the safety of her grandson Jimmy. She will stop at nothing to ensure he is safe as well as her former daughter in law, who it seems she never really got on with all that well.

When they get closer to the Weyboy’s it seems people had tried to warn them just to leave them and not find out what happened to Jimmy. Creating tension for the viewer as we patiently wait to see just why they should have left them well alone. The first time we see Blanche the head of the family it is very clear everything is her way or no way at all. Allowing Margaret just minutes to see Jimmy and being utterly horrible to the small boy.

It actually makes you wonder why they just wouldn’t give up the child who was really nothing to do with them at all, despite Donnie marrying Lorna. She is terrified of them all and rightly so when we witness the cruelty that comes from Blanche to her sons and then the way they then lash out. Bill being a prime of example of a truly horrible person, that we cannot help but sympathise with the pair battling for what is right. The thing is the police will not do anything about the Weboy’s either which makes things even worse.

I wasn’t fully sure what to expect with this film but had wanted to see it for quite a while now when seeing the truly talented cast that had been put together. It is quite the slow burner but in the best possible way, as it created so much tension that was built up to two rather shocking scenes. It manages to keep you guessing on how everything is going to end up with a few twists thrown in and some rather graphic violence which I have to admit shocked me a little bit as it didn’t look like it was going to be that type of film.

Lesley Manville as a total scene stealer and utterly brutal as Blanche and that was a true joy to watch as she really captured the evil nature of her character so well. I love Kevin Costner and that he is not scared to take on different types of roles even at this stage of his career. Diane Lane worked so well with him as well, I always feel she doesn’t always get enough credit for just how good of an actress she really is. Kayli Carter was given a difficult character and managed to have you rooting for her survival.

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