The Forever Purge (2021) Review

When the annual Purge takes place and all feels very calm and normal, until of course we get to 7am and it continues when across the US the purge continues and groups in all major cities want it to be the forever Purge and a new way of life in American, targeting people they do not believe belong.


This is the fifth of the films in the purge series and takes another slightly different approach as we are thrown into some what of a Western feel as the film progresses. In all honesty I wasn’t fully sure what to expect from this addition to the series. We are in Texas with the wealthy Tucker family who own a ranch and have Mexican workers, Juan and his wife Adela are two of our key characters as we witnessed them crossing the border into the US.

Dylan Tucker seems to have issues with the Mexicans who are working for him and sees himself as better than them. Securely locking down for the purge night with his pregnant wife, sister and father Caleb. Everything is rather chilled out for them and they enjoy their evening. With no idea that one of their workers will turn on them come 7am when it was all supposed to stop. A nation wide protest as such to keep the purge constant is then broken out and creates some rather edgy moments.

This all then goes into a Western style as now Americans can cross the border into Mexico as a way to escape the violence. We have our group that are attempting to do just that and Dylan must fully put his trust in Juan and believe they can save each other. Battling to survive in El Paso, Texas which is right on the border. Then having to rely on native Americans to help and this certainly raises the question about the so called American’s not happy with immigrants in what they see as their country.

Going on from the purge to the immigration talk was an interesting way to head with the film and I guess highlights some of the issues from Trump’s time as president and the way some responded to him and then against others. That was the feel I got from this film, which was not utterly fantastic or groundbreaking but watchable at least.

I have always found the concept behind the purge interesting to watch and while thinking across all five films it probably could have been a truly outstanding series but for whatever reason the films fall a little bit short. Hasn’t stopped me from watching them though as they dared to be a little bit different and create a world that at times we can relate to and that alone is rather frightening!

I thought Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta were easily the standout performances from the cast that banded together rather well.

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