The Ice Road (2021) Review

When a remote diamond mine collapses in northern Canada, Mike an experienced ice road driver must lead an impossible rescue mission over the frozen ocean to save the miners who are trapped. It was never going to be straight forward, especially when he doesn’t even know who’s working with him and who’s against him.


The Ice Road had the potential to be a decent action film but it falls somewhat short of that, considering the main scenes take place over a frozen lake it already has a high level of tension, then throw in the story of not knowing who is actually trying to help and who is working against the mission in order to make money for themselves. The thing is though while that could have been a decent guessing game it was rather obvious from the start which left it a little bit of a shame in that sense.

Mike and his brother Gurty who is suffering after serving in the army and struggling to control his PTSD means that they cannot keep jobs for very long, but he is not willing to just leave him and forget about him. Even if he does at least try with a hospital style stay. He just cannot do that to his brother, the thing is though he is actually very effective at his job as a mechanic.

The actual ice road looks decent and the way the big lorries are on them does create that tension as I mention earlier and that is something that makes it quite impressive to look at. I mean who doesn’t absolutely panic and hate driving on just a normal icy road? Let alone attempting to drive across a frozen ocean, that fear and doubt that it is actually frozen would be in your mind.

Liam Neeson was decent in this film and quite frankly we are more than used to his action style characters now. Something that did disappoint me was that Laurence Fishburne was very underused especially when it first seems he will be a main character. Amber Midthunder was pretty impressive though so will give some credit for that.

In the UK this film is available to watch with your subscription on Amazon Prime Video.

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