Luca (2021) Review

When Luca experiences a truly incredible summer on the Italian Riviera creating new friendships with Alberto and Giulia, the latter is not aware of the big secret the boys are keeping from her. While enjoying gelato, pasta and scooter rides in an attempt to win one!


I went into Luca completely blind when it came to the storyline of the film, the only thing I actually knew was that it was set in Italy. I am a big fan of Pixar films and always seem to like and enjoy them, so for that reason alone I was really looking forward to seeing it. Straight onto Disney+ without having to pay any extra was also an added bonus, although I certainly would have seen it at the cinema.

Luca manages to continue the great run of form from Pixar ensuring that it is a joy to watch in all possible ways, I love the style of the animation and have never wanted to eat food so much as I did for the pasta and gelato in this film! Then the way the story progresses with some very good and nice messages all mixes together in the best possible manner.

When Luca begins to get curious about the surface from the sea where his home is it is something his parents warn him against in the strictest of manners. This obviously does not work and we see him rebel in a sense to actually see what it is like for himself, his grandmother attempting to cover for him as she encourages it. The main reason his parents are against it as they just don’t believe people will understand and that he will never fit in when they find out he is in fact a sea monster.

Meeting Alberto was a blessing for him to show Luca what the surface world was like and quite frankly he needed someone more than we first realise. He actually lives on the surface now rather than in the sea. A very nice friendship is created between the boys and they help each other and want to win the scooter so they can travel around. When they meet Giulia who is going to be in the race as well they form a team but this does cause some jealously with Alberto. In the meantime Luca’s parents have come to the surface in search for him but are actually unsure of his human form.

The importance of acceptance and not judging others by their appearance is certainly the key aspect of this film and also adding in why you should want to go to school and be the best you can possibly be. I like that while these were the key messages from the story it wasn’t pushed in too deep, the right level was reached and that was certainly a bonus. I really do recommend this film and throughly love how Pixar in my eyes can never really do anything wrong, they push the boundaries and make truly stunning films with those lovely thoughtful messages. I feel Luca is for anyone who is different and felt like they don’t belong.

2 thoughts on “Luca (2021) Review

  1. Nice review! I loved the theme of friendship and wanted for this animation to stay longer underwater because this is the world unknown to us, the audience. It was disappointing for me overall and I think there are better animations out there that show the value of acceptance and the evils of harbouring prejudices.


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