Blue Miracle (2021) Review

In an attempt to save the orphanage he set up Omar will do anything to get the cash needed to ensure it survives. He partners up with washed up boat captain Wade to try and win a fishing competition, taking some of the kids along for the ride.


Based on a true story it was always going to ensure that it would tug at your heartstrings at times when you see the battle to save the orphanage when all it did was keep the boys off the streets and show them that there was more to life than falling into crime and ending up in prison, giving them real hope and ambition in life.

Omar did not want them to make the same mistakes he did when he was younger and is therefore extremely passionate about the place he has set up, going around the streets at night to save the boys that he so deeply cares about. The money situation is not good and a few people want to try and use this to their advantage and get Omar to do things he is no longer wanting to be part of. When Captain Wade just happens to come across Omar they both need each other, he wants to enter the fishing competition but needs natives on his boat to take part.

He obviously as not expecting to have children take part but it is something that eventually softens the man who we actually learn has a son that he no longer sees, this creates a bridging gap between Wade and the boys. With the boys not being able to understand why a father would not want to see his son, considering their fathers are dead. That was quite a good bridge in the story and created some nice moments.

Nice is probably the best way to describe this film, it doesn’t really go beyond that even though at times it certainly had the potential to do just that. For whatever reason it stalls a little in the middle and never really recovered from that. It probably needed to be a little bit more hard hitting and that would have created more tension. Still inspiring nonetheless to realise how much of a difference one person can really make.

Jimmy Gonzales as Omar really was the standout performance and brought an amazing charisma and humility to the character which was the best thing to watch throughout the film. Dennis Quaid bringing a grumpy natured character was done rather well. Anthony Gonzalez, Isaac Arellanes, Nathan Arenas and Steve Gutierrez all deserve mentions as well for some impressive performances and moments.

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