Honest Thief (2020) Review

Tom Dolan was a bank robber who had managed to go years without getting caught, he wanted to now lead an honest life and tries to turn himself in, giving the money had had stolen over to the FBI but when the agents double cross him who will believe him now?


Known as the In-and-Out Bandit because of being able to quickly get in and out of small town banks and keep his identity a secret, no one seems to want to believe Tom that he is the man they have all been searching for. When he meets Annie and falls in love with her, he realises that he must attempt to make a fresh start and a new life for them both. Sam Baker doesn’t really believe Tom’s phonemail so sends John Nivens and Ramon Hall to interview him.

The problem with this is when shown to the unit with the millions stored in it Nivens convinces Hall that they will steal the money and keep it for themselves, this is where the plot gets more interesting as the reasons behind both men not actually doing their jobs and deciding to keep the money is of course unthinkable.

The film was so much better than I was expecting and more entertaining than I thought it would be, something that is quite difficult with the sheer number of action films Liam Neeson somehow manages to keep making! I thought it had a rather impressive chase scene and I do seem to enjoy the whole cat/mouse style stories within films.

Liam Neeson has done this character quite a lot now hasn’t he? Well, probably yes but at least this one had a little bit of an interesting background and I guess some decent development as well given the storyline. In all honesty I wanted to watch this for Anthony Ramos as I watched this before seeing In the Heights (twice) and he really does have such potential in many different types of roles.

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