Friends: The Reunion (2021) TV Special – Review

A TV special with the reunion of the cast of Friends, interviews and some special moments recreated.


Does anyone else feel like this special reunion was something we have been waiting for since 2004? After ten seasons of the extremely popular show, this was a show that I caught up with and watched the ending when it actually happened. Although I probably didn’t start watching it until 1999 or 2000, due to my age. The thing is though I loved everything about it from first watching it, and collected the VHS (yes really, if you are under 20 you might have to google that) and then DVD and currently have the full blu ray collection. I even had a poster on my wall of the gang as well.

A few years back now I wrote a blog post “Why I Still Love Friends as Much as Ever” and it is all still very true. Having watched it constantly over the years and as I have gotten older myself I could relate to things in different ways. I just happened to watch the Monica and Richard break-up when I was going through heartbreak and then turning 30 is captured so perfectly by Joey. Yes, the whole but how did they afford to live in those amazing apartments in New York City doesn’t make a massive amount of sense when you get a financial understanding but do you know what I don’t even care. Then they predicted the rise of coffee shops and now everywhere is filled with them.

Friends: The Reunion was therefore an episode I was very much excited for and looking forward to. I have read a lot of disappointment when people found out it was actually not an episode with the characters but a reunion of the actors and more of a documentary/interview style and in all honesty that was utterly perfect. We do not want anything ruined for how the show ended and it would basically have to pull the characters lives apart again to do more, no one really wants that. The ending was lovely and still makes me cry to this day because it needed to be like that.

We therefore get 1 hour and 45 minutes of joy at seeing the actors all reunited together for the first time since the show ended, they had never been in a group of six since that final episode. Although we do know from social media they do have meet ups and get togethers. Seeing the range of emotions each felt seeing the sets all built up again really was so lovely. That’s the thing the whole piece was so lovely, recreating different scenes with small twists and special guests. Given it was filmed post covid with restrictions in place it was amazing to see how they still managed to get people involved. Reminding us all of some of our favourite moments.

I wasn’t full sure what to expect with it all but it just turned out to be a love in and so much gushing that it all just made me so happy to watch and enjoy. Nothing wrong with that at all. Haters of the show were always going to hate and I am sure any big fans like myself would have enjoyed everything about it, because quite frankly this was better than the nothing that we have had before 2021.

Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc probably came across in the best out of the six. I’m just pleased they all got on board to do it, as they said in the interview this will be the only time it will happen as they certainly won’t be doing it again in another fifteen years. Embrace it and just enjoy what they managed to put together reuniting us with our favourite friends.

6 thoughts on “Friends: The Reunion (2021) TV Special – Review

  1. Yeah, really lovely!

    There’s no point of doing any episodes, we don’t need to know beyond – and they discussed that – because it fits in with where we at at the time. There’s a weird habit of revisiting/continuing things that just don’t need to be.

    The opening segment in the studio was particularly lovely, but I just felt at ease with all the chat – continue to worry about Matt Perry (but they seem to be looking after him) and all-in-all a really positive, lovely set of memories.

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    • Oh yeah I know what you mean about Matthew Perry, I saw him on stage in London back in 2016 and he looks worse now. I was thinking the lockdown periods probably were not good for him at all. LeBlanc was such a joy!

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  2. It was truly enjoyable television!!! So many warm moments and watching it brought back memories of when I watched it in high school and college! 🙂 It was fun to learn more of the behind the scenes trivia and just watch them all interact again. A true delight 🙂

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