Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Review

In what has become a Monsterverse we get Godzilla and the mighty King Kong facing off against each other as humanity is caught up in the big fight.


I would absolutely love to go in depth with the plot from the film but in all honesty it was terrible and didn’t really make any sense at all. So many holes in it that make you utterly confused to why it was attempted to be so complex when it ended up stupid. I love action/sci-fi mixed films like this but it really is starting to feel like a hell of a long time since we have had a good one.

Nathan Lind is part of the team that have been tracking and trying to keep Godzilla from attacking. Ilene Andrews is known as the Kong whisperer as she lives in the containment facility where Kong was being kept. Along with Jia who has it turns out has been communicating with Kong through sign language as she is deaf. Something Ilene did not know until they were on the boats. When then have Madison Russell with her friend Josh Valentine who track down a podcast host Bernie Haynes who is into the conspiracies surrounding Godzilla.

We hear things mentioned about the Titans and origins but nothing is ever made all that clear and then it seems to go from one ridiculous moment to the next without it being enjoyable. My biggest criticism for the film was the music and score used, none of it fit in with the scenes and just sounded so out of place. This included songs being used in particular the opening and closing moments with Kong, it was just horrific and made a mockery of the whole film.

I actually lost count to the number of times I checked my watch, something I don’t do very often when watching a film at the cinema but this really was dragging out the running time. The only positive thing I can say was Jia and Kong added some emotional moments and that was about it. Everything else was just bland and boring.

The build up to Godzilla and Kong fighting didn’t even feel worth it, especially when these scenes were then so dark. I mean when they made it to Hong Kong I was hopeful that would be better but it certainly was not at all. Which was a massive shame considering how amazing Hong Kong can be made to look when based on the many tall buildings. Why did Kong have an axe?

I am assuming that this film will have a decent following but its one that I will not be watching again, the high Rotten Tomatoes score really does have me baffled I really thought it was going to be a lot lower than 75%.

4 thoughts on “Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Review

  1. Noooo, it was really fun. I think you need a bit of classic Godzilla and Kong history to appreciate all the little bits in this, and why he had an axe… haha!

    Loved it. It’s the purest escapism, and the big fight was astonishing to watch. These lads have history!

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