Bowfell Soundbar Review

The Bowfell Soundbar from Majority is Amazon’s Number One selling soundbar at only £31.95.

(And, for every Bowfell purchased, Majority will plant a tree in your name – a continuing pledge to become the world’s first carbon-neutral audio brand).


Every now and then I receive emails where I can review films, this one was a little bit different when I could request a Bowfell Soundbar to then review. Considering the extra amount of films I have been watching from home over the past 18 months with the cinemas mainly closed in the UK for that time I felt as though this was the perfect item to get to see what it could add to my home cinema viewing.

Considering the pledge that when you buy a soundbar that Majority will also plant a tree and look to become carbon-neutral. I thought it was also very impressive with how compact the packaging was around the soundbar and as you can see no waste was there for the box.

Inside the box, the actual soundbar, control and wires were all nicely packed and as already mentioned to real space or anything. This is obviously very good for hardly any waste to throw away and that you know it will all be in good shape when it arrives for you.

With it being bluetooth it was very easy to set up with my Apple TV 4K set up and I watched The Game, hence Michael Douglas on the screen. I thought that action style film was a good one to test out the sound. That was certainly a good idea as well considering how good the car chase scenes and loud moments then came across.

As you can see I managed to balance it on top of my TV, as it would have covered over some of the bottom of the TV with mine being on a desk and therefore rather low. Obviously if you have a different set up with a stand then you could easily place it underneath.

A very easy set up with plugging in and finding via bluetooth is certainly the way forward for any electronic device, it also comes with leads that mean you can also plug it into your TV if you would rather that approach. But the simple and straightforward nature of the bluetooth connection made it a win for me, it was much easier than connecting another speaker that I had tried out before.

In terms of the music within the film it certainly highlights the different sounds in a good manner and it certainly does manage to create a lovely home cinema feel that makes it slightly different to just listening through your actual TV. Considering the price of speakers and soundbars this one is certainly a steal if you just want something a little bit different to try out every now and then.

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