Tropic Thunder (2008) Review

Tropic Thunder follows the story of a group of actors who are filming a big-budget water film but everything takes a dramatic turn when they actually become soldiers but still believe they are just acting for the film, with hidden cameras everywhere.


I can still very much remember going to the cinema to see this film on release and I have a feeling that I actually enjoyed it a lot more then in comparison to the rewatch of the film. I guess it shows how quickly comedy can change and how controversial some of the things now seem. Although thirteen years later doesn’t really seem that big of a gap for that to feel like that but I guess it felt very awkward at times.

The film openly has jibes towards the awards seasons format and the way in which certain nominations are given out for particular performances or roles. This involves talk on going full retard, and how you never fully go for it as it just doesn’t work out in the actors favour. Tugg Speedman was the actor who did that for one of his roles and he is seen as a very big name for this film. We then get Jeff Portnoy who is most well known for a comedy franchise which looks horrific I must add and he is struggling with a drug problem. Then we have Kirk Lazarus who goes above and beyond for each and every role he takes on and has won academy awards.

Throwing in those three very different characters was certainly a way to make the film rather interesting and when we go from the filming to, oh this is actually real it breaks down that third wall of filming a film within a film. I think I have worded that in the right way, hopefully you can understand what I mean by that. We then have the extras who aren’t really famous in comparison and it paints how different experiences that is on a film set compared to the big stars.

I guess given all of the blackface talk in the past year or so it was difficult to then see how Robert Downey Jr even received an Oscar nomination for his role. I mean I totally get it within the storyline of the film and how it was actually supposed to poke fun at taking on that type of role but it makes it a little more difficult to watch now.

I think the ultimate scene stealer for the film though is Tom Cruise as I am pretty sure we didn’t actually even know he was in it before that first viewing? He was absolutely on top comedy form and that is not really something that he has done a lot of in his acting career, maybe he should have done more comedy? Certainly something that would have been welcomed after what he managed to do for this film. I do always find Ben Stiller likeable enough as well, he directed and co-wrote the film as well as starring in it.

How do you find Tropic Thunder now?

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