The Mitchells vs the Machines (2021) Review

The Mitchells are a rather dysfunctional family that don’t come across all that normal and when they head off on a road trip taking Katie to start college they end up in the middle of the robot apocalypse and become humanities only hope.


Katie never felt like she fit in throughout her early years, going through school with not a lot of friends, she was very excited about starting college and before going she had found her people as they were all talking online. Her father Rick was beginning to lose it a little bit at the thought of his daughter moving away from home, attempting to share the moments they used to when she was younger. That obviously doesn’t work and his last ditch attempt to connect again sees him cancel her flights and embark on the road trip, not something Katie was happy with.

Her mother Linda does her best to keep them all connected and carrying about one another. Her younger brother Aaron is absolutely brilliant and they have a very lovely sibling bond. Making up the family they have the craziest dog ever in Monchi. All together though the family are just fantastic, Linda wants them to look more like their perfect neighbours but this highlights why social media isn’t everything with the events that will then unfold.

Everyone is totally obsessed with Pal which is a smartphone device/app created by Mark Bowman, the man who was about to wipe out humanity with his latest reveal. Replacing Pal on the phone with a robot, although Pal was more advanced than even he realised and begins the assault on humans. Voiced so incredibly by Olivia Colman I must add, seriously has voice casting ever been this good?

Along with the emotional nature of the family we also get plenty of action and it shows that being perfect can actually work in your favour as mistakes seemed to end up doing well for the family. I loved some throwbacks that were put into the film as well, especially with the Furby’s (yes I did have one on original release). The style of the animation makes it look amazing throughout the whole film and that is an added bonus as with everything else already being so good it just made it even better.

One of the best things I found about this film was that I seriously had no idea what it was going to contain before watching it. I mean from the title you can work out that a family are going to take on machines of some sort, which turned out to be robots. I wasn’t expecting the emotional levels to be so high and pretty much for it to tell you to embrace your weirdness and never change that for anyone or anything.

Not forgetting the way it highlights the use of smart phones, social media, apps and more. How society relies on them so very much now and what issues that can actually cause, I mean the free WiFi going down well after a video showing that people will die was quite hilarious really. It’s important to remember to actually live and not just through the screens we have all grown so accustomed to.

Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph and Michael Rianda all do a great job in the voice roles and that certainly helps the family feel so warm and quite frankly lovely. They weren’t supposed to be superheroes or anything like that, just a normal family. I am totally going with weird is actually normal, as let’s face it nobody’s perfect.

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