Nomadland (2020) Review

Fern is a woman in her sixties and has lost everything in the Great Recession, she embarks on a journey of a new life through the American West, living in a van and becoming a modern day nomad.


Nomadland was constantly the frontrunner throughout awards season and the disappointment at it being released in the UK after the Oscars and when it had already been crowned Best Picture certainly added to the pressure of what the film would actually be like. That is always a tough ask watching the Best Picture winner after the event and not being able to compare it with the others before the awards ceremony. One bonus with our cinemas still firmly closed was that it was available to watch on Disney+, this meant not then having to pay any extra money to watch it!

I feel that the backstory and how it was filmed with actual people who were nomad’s is somewhat more interesting than the actual film turned out to be. That the people we watch in the film had no idea that Frances McDormand was an actress. So when you think about that its quite impressive in terms of filmmaking, but let’s face it the majority of people who decide to watch the film will not know about that at all.

Some scenes look truly beautiful and that is probably the best thing I can say about the film overall in all honesty, it has some nice scenes and moments but it also has some very bizarre ones that we really did not need to see. I am still thinking about the scene where she has a poo and wondering just why we needed to hear the graphic nature of that, considering it is something that we all do anyway. The reasons why people ended up living as a nomad were interesting and something that could have been explored even more.

At times it seems as though it is a much simpler life but that also has different issues and difficulties. I guess we never really think about living in a van, but some people seem to love being able to easily move around again. It raises some questions about different jobs and contracts or lack of contracts at different times of year.

Considering how big this had been built up I just felt rather unfulfilled by it all, expecting a lot more than what was delivered. As I have already mentioned at times it really is visually stunning but that is not enough for a film to be good and also enjoyable. I was surprised by Frances McDormand picking up the Best Actress Oscar considering it was not the best performance of the year at all, she’s always impressive we know that but I don’t see how this was deemed the best of 2020. I quite liked David Strathairn as well thought he worked very well with McDormand. But I guess overall I just felt as though a lot of Nomadland was quite frankly nothingness.

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