Twister (1996) Review

Bill and Jo Harding are advanced storm chasers who are also on the brink of divorce but they must work together to create an advanced weather warning alert system by heading into the violent tornadoes for the data!


Twister is a complete 90s classic isn’t it! Therefore one of those films that I truly have no idea why or how I have not reviewed it before. Considering the sheer amount of times I have watched the films over the years, but I guess when you do that you just assume you have already reviewed it.

Tornadoes are not something that we have to worry about here in the UK and therefore immediately makes them extremely fascinating right? Well, I certainly think so! So we join the group as they travel across the US attempting to record the twisters and use this to create an advanced weather alert system so people don’t get fully caught out when one hits.

Then you add in the tension between Bill and Jo who are so perfect for one another and as Bill’s new fiancé is not really into what they are doing it is only a matter of time before the pair are well and truly pushed back towards each other again, even though the divorce papers were going to be signed. Dorothy 1-4 the invention that Bill helped developed but he had never actually seen in action was going to make him stick around for an extra day to beat an old rival.

Jo’s passion towards developing the system was due to witnessing the death of her father to a storm when he is saving his family and that stemmed her becoming a meteorologist wanting to ensure what happened to her family does not happen to others. Bring in her Aunt Meg to really look after them all and create quite frankly a lovely scene with the group.

In terms of performances this really does boast a fantastic cast lead so effortlessly by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton who have fantastic chemistry together. Hunt really does take on the leading role in an easy manner and quite a kick ass female character it has to be said. Paxton really was everywhere in the 90s and gives so many different performances. Philip Seymour Hoffman is naturally the highlight of the supporting cast. Although I cannot miss mentioning Lois Smith who certainly manages to steal a few scenes. The combination of the group dynamic is something that works well and was essential towards the plot.

When you think about the effects used for this film it is pretty impressive for the 90s. I feel as though a lot of good things happened during the 90s and 00s that are probably forgotten about now in the world filled with CGI. I for one still enjoy this film just as much as I did many years ago and I am pretty sure that I will always enjoy it. Nothing wrong with having films like this as a favourite.

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