Thelma & Louise (1991) Review

Two best friends Thelma and Louise set out on an adventure which very quickly turns into an escape from the police, trying all ways possible to not get caught and meeting some rather interesting characters along the way.


Louise had been having some problems with her boyfriend Jimmy who was always on the road due to working as a musician and when she suggests to Thelma her friend who is in a dominated marriage to Darryl that they should just get in the car and drive somewhere, nothing will ever be the same again. Louise kills a man who was trying to rape Thelma, claiming that she had been asking for it!

This is when the narrative shifts from a fun trip to now they must battle to survive and avoid the police. Something that they somehow manage to do quite naturally and well despite it being their first brushing with the law. Meeting young J.D. and Thelma being instantly smitten with him was never going to end well especially after they had managed to get some money to help with the escape plan to Mexico.

I am pretty sure that I had tried to watch this film in the past but for whatever reason never got into it, that is something that I have surprised myself with considering how utterly fantastic and kick ass the film is. It’s one of those films where it makes you wonder just how the strong female characters are not mentioned more as they truly deserve to be.

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are truly outstanding together and that is something that really had to be nailed on to make the film work in the best possible manner. Both of them showing that for a friendship to work out in the best way that you have to be there for each other no matter what. That’s right even if your friend kills a man!

A very young Brad Pitt is quite frankly incredible to look at isn’t he, but also a rather interesting character and has some very good chemistry with Davis. Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel the other picks of the supporting roles and both offer so much more to the film.

The ending is rather iconic isn’t it? I mean I am pretty sure that I actually knew all about the ending but pleased to say that even if you do it really does not take anything away from the build up to that moment throughout the story unfolding. Ridley Scott certainly does an action style film like this ever so well and the timing of everything from the police chase to the final scene is just fantastic to watch.

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