Run (2020) Review

Chloe Sherman is a teenager who is confined to a wheelchair due to her many health conditions but she begins to suspect that her mother Diane is hiding a very dark secret.


Run is an anxiety inducing experience from the very first moment to the very last and gives you plenty of spikes throughout the running time. Everything links together to create an amazing atmosphere with a truly haunting score that increases the intensity during different scenes.

In the opening scene we see Diane Sherman giving birth and what looks to be very early, given the size of the bay and premature, we are then shown four different disorders/diseases on the screen and given the nature of the birth this all makes perfect sense when we flash forward to the teen years right?

Chloe is a very intelligent girl and has done very well with school work and wants nothing more than to be accepted for college. Seeing the postman delivery letters each day her mother is always quicker to get to the letter and intercept them, despite reassuring her daughter that if a letter from a college arrived she would take it straight to her. That is not the only thing which causes concern for the teen though, the number of pills she is taking and after spotting Diane’s name on the bottle she begins to question the medication.

Not being able to use her legs creates a very difficult situation in trying to uncover secrets. This is made even more difficult when she attempts some research on one of the pills and bang the internet suddenly stops working, cue a very creepy scene of seeing Diane sitting in the dark from another room! We get plenty more scenes that make your heart race as Chloe battles to find out the truth about the drugs and escapes her room after being locked in! We panic with and for her and I think that is a very positive thing about the film. Creating tension and fear in this manner is certainly a very rare fate.

The twist is quite easy to guess and I worked it out quite early on, that didn’t take anything away from how it unfolded though as the tension made it very nice to see if I was right or not! Although with the twist it also left me with quite a lot of questions as well, which was not the best in all honesty. I felt at that point I wanted to know how it was possible to get away with it. Then the ending and seven years later jump made me OMFG.

Aneesh Chaganty wrote and directed one of my favourite films from 2018 in Searching, so to follow it up with another anxiety induced film in Run was very impressive. It doesn’t quite hit the Searching height but I really did love that film a lot.

Sarah Paulson was rather perfect as Diane and captured the creepy nature of the character in the best possible manner, she is an actress who I have really enjoyed watching over the years and catching up with her varied role choices. Kiera Allen is brilliant as Chloe and in the leading role, not an easy part to take on at all but she is very impressive from start to finish, even more so with this as her breakout and debut role! Not very often to do we get to see a first film with a young actress taking on the leading role like this and it is a very good start for Allen.

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