The Fly (1986) Review

Seth Brundle is a brilliant scientist although his eccentric behaviour will see him create a big problem for himself, working on an experiment of teleportation when he puts himself in the device not realising that a fly was also in it the consequences would be fatal.


Veronica Quaife just happened to meet Seth at a party and got on pretty well with him although when she goes back to see his experiments suddenly reveals that she is going to write an article about what he is trying to do, as she is a journalist. This panics Seth as he was not ready for people to know about the advances he had been making towards teleportation, although only with inanimate objects. Live animals was a totally different thing, my god that monkey scene was totally brutal and tough to not only watch but stomach as well.

That was probably the first moment where I was like oh my that is horrendous, more moments like that would happen and quite frankly the film creeped me out a few times. I feel as though that is a massive compliment towards the Croenberg for what he managed to create with The Fly.

I watched this film from a rather blind point of view as I did not really know anything about it, I know that is probably quite difficult to believe but I just had never seen it on anywhere and only briefly heard about it in relation to Jeff Goldblum. That also meant in terms of the plot I didn’t really know very much either, it didn’t take long to see where it was all heading towards though.

While I did guess the direction and that Seth Brundle was going to be some kind of fly/man or a massive fly, whatever why you think about it. He has a romantic relationship with Veronica and when he keeps using the machine this does something to him each and every time, so much so that he even meets another woman to just have sex with. Not long after that event he begins to start transforming at a quick rate and it’s actually hard for them to decide what is happening to him. Until of course Veronica has some tests done and finds out about the fly. Oh and just to add to the utter drama of it all she finds out she’s pregnant! Then that created the scene which I found the toughest to watch, the pregnancy scene with that long strange cocoon thing utterly horrendous I was so pleased she woke up and it was a dream!

I thought the fact that this film made me feel uneasy quite a few times was one of the main reasons I gave it four stars. It dared to be so different and I have never really seen anything quite like this! The way they made him look as changing into the fly was utterly terrifying and unique, oh and one more scene that made me feel utterly sick was the arm scene ahhhh!

The performances from Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis were a true joy to watch and I feel without them in the leading roles the film just would not be the same at all. Goldblum’s quirkiness just works out ever so nicely and perfectly as Seth Brundle. It makes you like him and also feel a little bit sorry for him at the same time, considering he does not seem to have many friends at all. Davis is an actress who I always think is impressive, yet I don’t feel that I have seen anywhere near enough of her films. Thought she was a great buffer for Goldblum!

13 thoughts on “The Fly (1986) Review

  1. Quite jealous you only just watched The Fly for the first time. It’s probably my favourite sci-fi horror film of all time, followed closely by Alien and The Thing. I watched this at a very young age and loved it ever since. It was released the same year I was born as well so another reason to love it 😉

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    • Got to love films from the year you are born, you are just a year ahead of me on that!

      It really did make me feel very strange at times and I think that is actually a good and amazing thing for a film to do. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, still thinking about some of the scenes a few days later!

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  2. The Fly remake is one of my favourite Conenberg films. It such a great movie and the effects are amazing. Have you see the sequel Fly 2? Its not as good, but still an exciting continuation of the storyline.

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