Romancing the Stone (1984) Review

When Joan Wilder a romance novelist must go to Colombia to save her sister who had been kidnapped and held to ransom for a treasure map that had been sent to her. Meeting Jack Colton would certainly lead to an adventure she was only used to writing and imagining.


Joan Wilder was rather content about her life of being well alone and not having any real adventures, something that she did through her writing and characters that she created. Encouraged by Gloria her publisher to get out more and actually live. That opportunity would come but in a rather dangerous way when she receives a mystery map from her now dead brother in law. She must travel to Colombia to save her sister who was being held hostage in exchange for the map.

Her arrival in Colombia does not work out the way it was supposed to and her path crosses with Jack Colton who was rather mysterious and we eventually get to know more about him as the film progresses. The romance between Jack and Joan is pretty well done as well, not instant they actually argue more at first and don’t really like each other but when they eventually break down the walls they both have up it creates a very good relationship.

Everything is based around the map and when Jack decides they should go for the treasure before meeting the men behind the hostage situation with Joan’s sister she is a little bit apprehensive about this but goes along with it even though she believes that Jack then double crossed her for the treasure. It has plenty of twists and turns this is something that is very good to watch.

Quite frankly this film is so much fun and has a very good mix of cross genres, as it has the nice love story as more of a sub plot and then the action and adventure of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that no one would really expect you to do, I feel that is rather special to combine the mix. It feels a little bit like an Indiana Jones film and that certainly is a big compliment.

Michael Douglas is utterly gorgeous and charming in this film and that is one factor for why I loved it, I have always been a bit fan of his yet still have so many of his films to catch up on! I feel this one is truly different style to so many of his other films and I loved watching him. Working so effortlessly well with Kathleen Turner, who manages to be such an inspiring character because she makes it relatable to women who do not have any form of adventure in their lives and should want more! Danny DeVito in a supporting role is always a bonus as he just adds so much to his films.

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