The Witches (2020) Review

A young boy and his grandmother must battle to survive when they have a run in with some witches and their leader the Grand High Witch.


That’s right I have eventually managed to watch The Witches 2020 without having to pay a ridiculous rental price as it arrived on Sky Cinema in the UK over the past few days. I had been curious about the film given that the 1990 version was my scariest childhood film and on rewatching it not so long ago can confirm it is still creepy. The thing is with this new version it wasn’t really any different, everything about the story was kept the same, I know its obviously based on the same book but everything was just copied from the first film which was a little disappointing but not really surprising.

The plot of the film is that the witches are having a meeting in a hotel that the boy and his grandmother just happen to also be staying in. The grandmother has a childhood memory of a witch as her friend was turned into a chicken. When the boy witnesses other children being turned into mice and he suffers the same fate they must reveal the witches to the world and provide potions to stop them from turning more children into mice. I mean that pretty much is all of the plot, nothing more and nothing less.

The scene which always got me in the original was the unveiling of the witches and I must say they still managed to make that extremely creepy in this film as well, in a totally different way but certainly still looked terrifying.

Everything else just felt way too familiar and that you had already seen it before, which was half what I was expecting. Octavia Spencer is obviously always good and was in this, along with Jahzir Bruno who I felt was impressive. The issue was though and I cannot actually believe I am going to say this but Anne Hathaway was truly terrible. Honestly it pains me to say that about her as I am such a huge fan, I just felt she was so over the top in the worst possible way!

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