Enough Said (2013) Review

Eva is a divorced woman who had never really gone out of her way to find another man but when she meets Albert at a party she is willing to get to know how. However when she finds out he is the ex-husband of Marianne a client and new found friend everything takes a rather strange turn.


Enough Said is an utterly lovely and wonderful film that will not fail to make you smile and laugh throughout. I feel that we need more nice films like this one that feel relatable in terms of characters and that should really be more focused on.

Eva and Albert have both been married and divorced and have daughters the same age who are getting ready to head off to college which is causing trauma for the pair as they must then adapt to not having them around all of the time. Everything is working out well between the pair and they are very open with each other. At this point nether of them seem to feel like they have anything to lose so honesty was the way forward.

Until Eva realises that he is the ex-husband of her massage client Marianne and her constant complaining about him starts to rub off and Eva sees Albert differently. This message was what I felt really made the film impressive, that while something one person does to annoy another person might not be an issue for someone else. They may not even notice it until being told, this leads to a truly heartbreaking scene when Eva goes way too far on Albert in front of her friends Sarah and Will. It really did make me sad because she really did like him but hearing the little things from Marianne pushed her the wrong way.

When everything came out and Eva was left struggling even more it really was watching her hit rock bottom and that was again a very real feeling from the film. I am sure we can all easily relate to being at rock bottom at some point and this was shown in a good manner in the film, as hitting that dark lonely place can often lead to something else. They were both likeable characters and we basically just want them to be happy!

This turned out to be James Gandolfini’s next to last film and he died almost a year after they finished filming and therefore never got to see the finished film, which is such a shame because it really is a wonderful performance. He came across in the best manner as Albert and you could not help but to like him and feel so utterly sorry for him at the same time. That was certainly due to the very engaging performance.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was brilliant in the leading role and felt like a very genuine and real person, making mistakes and basically attempting to come to terms with how her life was going to be when her daughter left for college. I thought she made all this seem so believable. Working so very well with Gandolfini and basically it was just a joy to watch from start to finish.

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