The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Review

Andy Sachs is a smart new graduate who wants nothing more than to be a journalist in New York, she takes an assistant job for Miranda Priestly who is a very demanding editor at Runaway a high fashion magazine. Claiming she has no interest in fashion it is a very interesting choice for Andy.


The job was totally wrong for Andy and everything she had stood for in not conforming to the latest fashioned trends, she does pretty much everything wrong to begin with and Miranda grows a quick dislike to her but picked her because she was not like all of the other girls that they usually hired. Emily was the other assistant and she does nothing to help Andy at all and makes fun of her constantly with other employees. She does find a work friend though in Nigel and when the time comes she asks fo this help and the makeover goes down rather well in terms of getting her more noticed for the good work she is actually doing.

Her long term boyfriend Nate is not overly thrilled with her changes and this certainly creates for some interesting ideas around looks and how you are then perceived in different jobs. He claims to love and want the old Andy, but fails to see how these changes are actually helping her career in the long time. If she can stick it out with Miranda for a year she should be able to get a reference for pretty much any job she wants! That was her ultimate goal and I think somewhere on that longer term plan she actually forgot what she was in it for and truly ended up engrossed in the fashion world.

Her relationship is pushed to the limits as she is also pursued by Christian Thompson who seems to stop at nothing to try and get with her. This is actually a moment in the film that utterly annoys me each time I watch it, on breaking up with Nate and heading to Paris it doesn’t take Andy long to get in bed with Christian. I still feel this is totally out of character for her and really could have been done without for the story as a whole. Miranda Priestly as the title says is somewhat of a devil, she demands so much but it also does offer an interesting approach to how a man in a position of power is viewed in a very different way to a woman. The scene where she eventually breaks and confides a little bit in Andy is one of the best showing that she is bothered what people think underneath it all, more so for her daughters.

Anne Hathaway is utterly breathtaking in the leading role, mainly because I feel her character is totally relatable, women watching can feel that they would be like Andy. You cannot afford all of those high fashion items but being given them would be another story. Hathaway has the best charm and charisma for this role and we really do want to see her successful from start to finish. We then get Meryl Streep and let’s face it no one else could have played the role like Meryl, she is utterly breathtaking. That is all. Emily Blunt delivers a good performance as well, this really is a great film for powerful female roles! My favourite supporting actor in Stanley Tucci is just delightful as well which is an added bonus for the already brilliant cast. Adrian Grenier, Tracie Thoms and Rich Sommer are also given some very good moments.

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