I Care a Lot (2020) Review

Marla Grayson works as a court-appointed legal guardian of elders wards which is a complete con with doctors involved but with the latest woman Jennifer Peterson is is going to quickly find out that she is not who she claims to be!


The opening scene quickly allows the audience to witness just how horrid Marla Grayson really is and how she will stop at nothing to steal money from elderly people. Becoming their legal guardian and having them placed in care facilities in order to steal everything they have in life and then gaining even more when they die. We see a court case with the son of a victim fighting for his right to be the guardian, something of which does not go to his plan.

It’s actually frightening to see that they actually have a company set up with all the elderly peoples photos on the walls with names, like they don’t even fully remember each one. Full files on then and research is done when one dies and they need another victim to replace them. It is actually just sick, completely horrible to think someone would try and do this type of thing to someone in your family. Marla is not likeable in any sense and her girlfriend Fran the same. They have no morals and do not care about people, just obsessed with money.

When they target Jennifer Peterson who fully owns her house and seems to have plenty of money as well, a woman who actively did things and was perfectly fine to look after herself. It was then passed in court after the dodgy doctor said she could not cope on her own. The problem with this victim? She just happened to be the mother of a man in the Russian Mafia, Roman Lunyov who is believed to be be dead. I don’t think I have ever been more excited about a mafia role in a film because I knew Marla was going to suffer for her actions.

This is where it makes you doubt your morals and become very confused as a viewer, these are bad men as well but what Marla was doing felt worse. Yes, really that is where the film pushes you! That is something that I really struggled with at a certain point and found everything so incredibly frustrating. I don’t really recall a film that has made me this angry in such a long time, but I feel that anger was perfect in highlighting how good the film turns out to be.

I felt a little bit lost at one point and doubting if I was liking it or not. This is where the truly powerful and outstanding ending comes in, I’ve never been so satisfied with an ending to a film after it kept pushing me in so many different directions. It really was perfect and the reason for me awarding it with four stars. The dip made me think that it would be three but the ending saved it well and truly! Impressive performances with Rosamund Pike who really does not seem to mind taking on horrible characters and she really does nail it in this one. The very straight short hair, stylish suits and those damn sunglasses will become iconic with this film. Peter Dinklage should totally be in more roles he was great as Roman. Dianne Wiest was the ultimate scene stealer and the only criticism is that we didn’t get more of her as she was utterly fantastic. Eiza Gonzalez and Chris Messina were both very good in supporting roles. Thank you J Blakeson for giving us something truly different.

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