Framing Britney Spears (2021) Review

A look into the life of Britney Spears, her phenomenal rise and fall which led to her conservatorship and the battle with her father in court over who should actually be in control of her life.



It has been all over social media in recent years about Britney Spears being trapped with her father being in control of everything in her life and deciding when she will work and in taking a cut from any earnings, hence a very busy work schedule. This documentary takes a look at her rise as a child star with an incredible voice, to a teen sensation and then a world wide superstar, how this impacted her mental and physical health to courts ruling against her.

You cannot deny the power Britney Spears had as a teen and young star with her albums and tours, having a huge fan base. I was never a big fan, enjoyed some of her songs but given my teen age when she became big it wasn’t “cool” to like Britney Spears. Watching this and the actual footage of paparazzi hounding her constantly was utterly heartbreaking and to see Daniel Ramos on the film constantly claiming that it was to be accepted and that she loved it really. I am sorry but no not at all, he was one of them that caused her to totally snap and hence those photos with the umbrella smashing up his car. He fully deserved that and his attitude still now not being able to accept what he was doing was wrong and he was part of the issue was mind blowing.

Seeing the newspaper and magazine headlines which constantly battered a young woman and the abuse she suffered makes it quite frankly amazing that she is even still alive to this day. It was truly horrific and Justin Timberlake being made out to be a hero was utterly sickening. I don’t even care about his rubbish pathetic statement on Instagram last week, which would never have even appeared if it wasn’t for this documentary. I mean what a shame for him to have been given a little bit of abuse after this documentary first aired in the US, and we have joined it now in the UK after the premiere the other night.

In terms of the set up the film had people from different times in her life and Felicia Culotta was a former assistant and really seems to be one of the few people who have truly cared about Britney and tried to look after her at the very least. Until her father put a stop to her having a job with her anymore. I mean I haven’t read anything else around the relationships she had with a lot of these people. But she came across as genuine enough on the documentary.

I loved the fan messages and input into it as well because I feel that is important for them to be trying to help her, I know that’s not fully possible but for the support at least. This is what sparked the #FreeBritney movement to allow her to have her life back away from her father who never really seemed all that interested in her or her career, just the money! Her mental health has always been a bit talking point but it never really seems that she got the right and required support. The way the 2007 breakdown was shown in the media was horrendous as well, the shaven head was so utterly sad.

I really do hope that she is given her life back and not under control of her father for much longer as that really does not seem to be a good thing for her at all. A very thought provoking documentary that will make you very annoyed about her treatment, nothing that we know about her would suggest she ever deserved any of it at all!

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  1. I Think Oprah Winfrey needs to Interview Britney SpearsI Think Oprah Winfrey needs to Interview Britney Spears


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